Nokia shows off the Lumia 925 in India with more low-light photography

Nokia and Microsoft are cracking on with marketing Lumia Windows Phones, including the Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020. The two flagship smartphones offer a premium Windows Phone experience and are to appeal to those who are looking for something slightly more than the ever popular Lumia 520, which is really kicking off in multiple markets, including India.

This advertisement is for the Lumia 925 in India. Sporting the incredibly catchy "More Than Your Eyes Can See" track by Koobra, we're again looking at low-light photography as the main selling point. Local mobile operator Airtel is included in the ad with a ₹15,600 saving on a postpaid plan. Good stuff.

Source: YouTube; thanks, Nishy, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • This is probably the best Lumia ad yet. They should air this everywhere.
  • +925
  • Very good commercial, they should air it everywhere
  • Didn't even know that the black 925 actually existed...
  • Nokia needs to basically buy the rights to that song forever, because it just seems to speak for the phone lines altogether. Lol
  • My nuts busted the moment I saw this video....this is awesome. So much momentum in the nut busting department.
  • Background music is awesome ... love it :)
    Nokia always puts really good music behind thier ads ;)
  • well they showed the phone this time
  • Made the song my ringtone already lol
  • Nokia... Your decision to partnership with Microsoft was really a good idea... We still believe in Nokia!!! Yoyo
  • I love koobra!
  • What is koobra!
  • More than your eyes can see!
  • Nice work Nokia :)