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Nokia shows off their City Lens augmented reality app

We've heard Nokia talk about augmented reality being a big differentiator for them in terms of Windows Phone and technology and now we're getting our first glimpse of that endevour.

City Lens seems a lot like LGs Metro Scanner and ScanSearch whereby you hold it up and it shows you things around you. In fact, City Lens even does the "hold it flat to show a map" trick that LG uses too. Still, we bet with Nokia's mapping history and deeper interest in Windows Phone, City Lens will be a much more rewarding experience.

No word on release as it is still in beta, but hopefully we'll see it with the 900's release.

Source: The Nokia Blog

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  • Keep it coming Nokia 
  • I get annoyed when they leave blank gaps on the home pet peeve
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  • Nokia Transport is even more impressive.
    I love what Nokia is providing to their users!
  • thanks to microsoft for helping nokia come back in the game. Nokia is just brand name but they didn't developed the wp 7.5 OS. It's what the OS is all about not just name of Nokia
  • @thenet...Let's agree to disagree :)  The Nokia Lumia devices are getting the most attention than ANY WP device ever released (1st gen or 2nd) by the other oems.  And the Lumia 900 is the most anticipated device to ever be released (second only to the Lumia 800).  
    Nokia is the company that is bringing attention to WP for the masses due to their marketing.  No other oem has done this for WP, including Microsoft!
    Although WP, the OS, has garnered good reviews by some tech sites, it has been Nokia that has bought style and appeal - not only to WP, but to smartphones in general, thus the 'ooh's and aah's' by fans of other OS users.
    Kudos to Nokia.
  • Microsoft needs Nokia, and Nokia needs Microsoft. And yes, Nokia's GPS and maps might be better than Bing, but I though the idea of a Windows Phone was to push all of Microsoft's services. I guess if Nokia is going to stick with their services, Microsoft should work on integrating Bing to them, like they did with Yahoo
  • Dan,  Did they remove that flip up mini-usb door that the Lumia 800 had?  I hope they didn't bring that over to the Lumia 900.
  • For some reason I thought that was the original intention and then it never happened.
    I thought when MS first announced their partnership with Nokia, maps and navi were supposed to be directly integrated into Bing...