Nokia Counters

Nokia has released its Counters app on the Marketplace for Lumia owners to utilise in keeping track of data, calls and messages used in a contracted month. The app was in beta, which we took a look at late July, and is a Windows Phone 7.x version of the DataSense app in Windows Phone 8 aka Apollo.

It's a perfect solution for those who find themselves on tight plans and / or frequently go over contract limits. To be able to fully utilise the features of Counters, one will need to have account limits at hand to manual enter into the app. Once values have been set and a reset date entered, the app will then take over and track calls, SMS and data usage throughout the duration of the contracted month. 

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Counters App

Unfortunately it seems as though some restrictions that were present in the beta are in this gold release, including the inability to set fractional data limits (eg: 1.5GB). Here's hoping Nokia continues to update the app with improvements and fixes.

You can download Counters from the Nokia Collection on your Lumia Windows Phone.

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