Although we could argue that the 'Smoked by Windows Phone' campaign is getting a bit tired, Nokia evidently shot some video last month where they took the same idea but they called the it "Lumia Challenge".

The concept was the same -- challenge people on specific tasks using their smartphone -- if you win, you get £10 for your trouble, if you don't you have to mug for the camera.

The results should be familiar with many folks, especially on the iPhone 4, getting beat by the Lumia 800. Of course, we're seeing the polished commercial video so we don't know how many instance where Nokia lost. But all of that is besides the point, isn't it? This is advertising and we know that Windows Phone is a very fast, nimble and efficient mobile OS -- it doesn't need to win every time, it just needs to win enough to show that yes, there are some significant advantages versus its competition.

And for some reason, with the Nokia music playing and their shallow depth of field video, all of this looks just a bit cooler.

Source: YouTube; Thanks, Ellis B., for the heads up!