Nokia updates Display + Touch and Extras + Info apps for Lumia line

It’s been a busy day for Nokia today as they have released dual updates for their Display + Touch and Extras + Info system apps for their Windows Phone 8 Lumias. The two updates are now live in the store, but are very fresh meaning it may take a short while before you can grab them.

Display + Touch, which controls the super sensitivity, Lumia Color Profile (GDR2 only), double tap to wake (GDR2 only) and the Glance features (GDR2 only) and more does have a change log, though we’re not sure it’s up to date exactly. The update notes that it adds “support for quick mode in Glance Settings” though under ours, all we see is the previous Off/Peek/Timed/Always On options, so we’re unclear is this is refining the feature or we’re just missing something.

Regardless, it’s always smart to have the latest version, which is now version of Display + Touch.

Likewise, the other big update is with Extras + Info. That update of course is the big one for devices with GDR2 (OS build 10327 or later) on board as it enables the much ballyhooed Call + SMS Block feature, which we covered in an earlier article. That addition, which was enabled by Microsoft’s new API extension in GDR2, allows OEMs to create this feature on their devices and evidently, Nokia was the first to roll it out on a grand scale.

Even if you don’t have GDR2, it might not hurt to have the latest, which is now version, since it does affect other system settings.

Those with Nokia Lumia devices and Windows Phone 8 can pick up Display + Touch here and Extras + Info here in the Nokia Collection. Optionally, you can scan the QR code below or swipe to the right in our app.

Display + Touch

QR: Extras

Extras + Info

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