For those with Windows Phone 8 Lumias, you may be familiar with Nokia’s Smart Shoot app/Lens for improving your photo skills.

The app works by rapidly shooting a few photos and then letting you select which one looks best. In addition, you can “erase” unwanted objects or moving people in the background and even choose the best face for your subject...

The app was just updated tonight to version and it has been tweaked a little bit. For instance, we don’t get the weird intro screen that was seemingly present with every launch. In addition, the edit mode now features a bottom over-lay menu that makes editing perhaps a little more intuitive and easier. We also imagine Nokia may have improved the actual algorithms of the app but we’re not privy to that info.

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Nokia has been on an update kick lately having recently updated Feedback to Nokia, Network+ and Extras + Info for their new Windows Phone 8 Lumias.

You can pick up Nokia Smart Shoot for your Lumia Windows Phone here in the Nokia Collection. Thanks, Atif A., for the tip

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