Nokia has been pushing out a few backend updates for their Windows Phone 8 Lumias. The latest two come today with another one happening earlier in the week.

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you what has changed, as the updates have no change log. Neither can we share with you the direct store links, since these are system apps. But here are the new version numbers...

  • Feedback to Nokia –
  • Network+ -
  • Extras + Info –

We imagine that Nokia is tidying up a few things here and there with these updates. For instance, the Extras + Info can deal with the Super Sensitive Touch display switch or the Dolby Headphones/Equalizer settings in addition to network configuration files.

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Some have mistakenly confused this update with the ability to “keep Wi-Fi on” when the screen is locked, but we would know if that was there as it would be an option. So far, we can’t see anything new but we’re sure something got better somewhere for someone. Thanks to all who sent this tip in!