Nokia Video Director

Thanksgiving just passed here in the United States and we’ve got plenty of things to be thankful for. Like the new Nokia Video Director app for Windows Phone that just hit the Store. This is a companion app on Windows Phone that goes with the Windows 8 app by the same name. Let’s check out some of the features and things you can do with Nokia Video Director for Windows Phone 8.

Nokia stresses in the app description that this isn’t exactly a standalone app experience and is really meant to be used in conjunction with your Nokia Lumia 2520 running the same app. That said, it looks pretty polished from the first few minutes we spent playing with it.

Nokia Video Director allows you to quickly capture and transfer videos to your Nokia tablet (we saw the tablet version at Nokia World). You can also transfer any projects you start on the phone app to your tablet. Here are the video templates the app for Windows Phone comes with:

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  • Action Event
  • Announcement
  • Audition Time
  • Birthday Party
  • Celebration
  • Holiday
  • News
  • Sports Day

Nokia Video Director is an app for both Windows Phone and Windows 8 that gives you a basic video editing tool set to produce amazing results. The app will guide you through a variety of templates (listed above) and help you select appropriate footage to make a killer video. For example, pick the birthday party template and you’ll have a template from Nokia aimed at producing a great video to recap a birthday party. You’ll be instructed to capture video of guests arriving, everyone mingling, the birthday star opening gifts, candles being blown out, etc.

Nokia Video Director Screenshot

The idea is that Nokia Video Director will take the footage you shot and create great video. You can start the process on your phone and then continue editing on your Nokia Lumia 2520. Check out the video below to see it in action on the tablet and you’ll get the basic idea of what the app does.

We’ll put more thoughts up over the weekend of the app once we’ve spent some time actually using it. In the meantime, it’s a free app for Nokia Lumia devices that requires Windows Phone 8 to work. Want it? Of course you do, so go to the Windows Phone Store to get it. You can also use the QR code below or swipe to the right in our app. Tell us your impressions of the app below!


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