Nokia will be back in phones in 2017, so long as you like Android

Lumia 1020 back
Lumia 1020 back (Image credit: Windows Central)

But hey, Nokia is back! That's good, right?! After the short-lived tenure under Microsoft's mobile platform, Nokia disappeared from phones completely. We always knew that wouldn't be forever, and just like the N1 tablet from a couple of years ago, it looks like Android will be the way forward.

As is being reported by our buddies over at Android Central, HMD Global has secured the rights to make phones under the Nokia brand for 10 years. HMD itself is made up of ex-Nokia staff, so the essence of the company is still there at the core.

The phones will be made by a subsidiary of Foxconn, you know, that company that puts the iPhone together, and we're expecting to see the first fruits of this new era for Nokia sometime in 2017.

We never really expected Nokia to ever come back to Windows, but with such a loyal and fanatical following across the globe, there will be a lot of folks out there delighted to see the name return. As for us, it's business as usual. Nokia-free Windows. If this is the news you've been waiting for, head on over to Android Central and tell them how excited you are.

Richard Devine
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