Nokia Windows Phone coming to Telstra

Good news for those on Telstra, looks like you folks will be getting a shot at Nokia's Windows Phone (we assume the SeaRay/800). Though it's not too clear when you'll be getting it, it sounds like sooner than later.

From an article by Channel News in Australia, a source from Telstra has revealed that Nokia has already showed them the phone:

"It is very smart and visually appealing" they said. "The issue will be whether consumers are prepared to invest in a Windows based model. They haven't in the past" said the Telstra executive.

Of course that statement is interesting on two levels, one for the Nokia info but also Telstra seems unimpressed so far with Windows Phone as a seller on their network. Lets see if this changes things up a bit, eh?

Thanks, Hommus01, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Yeah the reason it didn't sell well their own fault. I haven't seen a single advertisement for the phone nor a poster displayed in their windows for it. I live in Perth and their main Telstra store in the city always has huge display posters for android products yet I walk past the store everyday and have never seen a Windows Phone poster. They had some lamo WP7 conference thing when the HD7 was released but there was hardly any noise about that. And that's the other problem. The HTC HD7 wasn't released till April 2011 when it was released internationally Oct 2010. Plus they only offered the the HD7 or the Mozart. The other providers didn't do any favours either with Optus only selling the Samsung Omnia 7 and LG Optimus 7 both of which I never saw any adverts for either. And Vodafone only carried the Trophy and again no advertising either. But the flip side is why didn't these manufacturers or even MS push for the advertising? Here's to still hoping these new phones with Mango get a better push.Anyhoo I'm doing my bit. Already converted 1 android user and 3 iphone users to WP7 in the past month since Mango. With Mango we can hold the WP7 up against Android and iPhone without being worried of any major disadvantages. Bought the HTC Radar from Mobicity and got it yesterday and it is an amazing phone! Don't believe some of the early reviews of the phone. It's an awesome phone to hold and its built very well. The "double chin" look in photos does not look horrible at all once you actually see the phone. The phone is very slick indeed. I recommend you buy it in white and then set your theme to light and it looks super sweet. The Super LCD screen is amazing. The colours are more real to life than my Super Amoled on the Omnia 7. Text is also sharper and it seems to run a tad bit smoother as well.
  • Maybe if Telstra advertises the **** out of WP on their network and got their retail sales people to give it a fair chance then it'll sell right?
  • I Work in a telco store in Australia and am appalled buy the lack of drive from the carriers to push windows phone 7 all they are interested in is android and iphone they dont even want to entertain a third option.Its pretty awful that we are yet to even get an announcement if any of the carriers are gonna ship any of the currently announced gen 2 devices especially the Titan. It seems like they are grudginly going to stock the Nokias just because its nokia.If the retail staff in the stores were offered decent hands on with the OS and were willing to learn abaout it as well then we would start to see a huge increase in sales. But until MS and the OEMS start pushing the OS like they do their android alternatives then we are gonna lag behind in Oz for some time yet.
  • I think that "they haven't in the past" refers to Windows Mobile, and not to Windows Phone.
  • I didn't think Telstra meant anything negative, sounded like an observation.Hopefully Nokia ramps up on their advertising.