Nokia's 6 "Amazing Days" in France [Video]

Nokia has been real busy creating videos with the official Lumia product introductions, the Little Amazing Show campaign, and now we have six videos from France. These "Amazing Days" follow the Nokia Lumia Amazing Calls video that we covered at the end of 2011. All six contain upbeat music to accompany prizes being obtained, which were awarded to the winners of a promotion ran by Nokia and Microsoft back in November. The six "Amazing Days" explained:

  • Amazing Day 1 : VIP pass for Joey Starr's Birthday (French rapper)
  • Amazing Day 2 : 5 minutes to take whatever you want for free in Fnac
  • (like U.S.' Best Buy)
  • Amazing Day 3 : VIP pass for a football match, Manchester United
  • Amazing Day 4 : a day surfing with Bixente Lizarazu (a well known French
  • football player)
  • Amazing Day 5 : private show of Metronomy
  • Amazing Day 6 : a free week in Paris, with a private driver and  luxury
  • cars.

Head on past the break to check out the remaining five videos and watch in awe....

Source: Windows Phone France, thanks Fabien for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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