Nokia Lumia - The Amazing Calls

Although this commercial has been out for two weeks, we don't recall seeing it, let alone showing it to you. So in that sense, being that it's in French and we mostly live in the U.S., we consider this "new". Or at the very least, if you haven't seen it, you'll probably find it really cool and interesting.

In short, it's a commercial for the Nokia Lumia 800 set to pretty awesome music with people running towards a light. We find it amusing and effective, so kudos to Nokia for making it as Windows Phone needs all the help it can in the image department. 

via MyNokiaBlog; Thanks, Dan, for the heads up!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Amazing...thats what i call a commercial ! Nokia, go on like this !!
  • Word!
  • Agreed!   Quite awesome and entertaining!
  • So far Nokia´s commercial for their windows phones kills anything Microsoft has come up with lol
  • A-Hole hipsters. Yall not supposed to push someone's mommy. 
  • I went and looked at this on the You Tube page and there is a series of these, I don't speak French, but from what I gathered, they are offering at least one private concert by Metromony (dunno who they are but appear to be important in French music) and a VIP trip to a Manchester United match (Private jet, luxury accomds.)
    Seems like a pretty heavy duty ad campaign. :)
  • Love this!  If Nokia could trim this down to the typical 30 sec commercial for the U.S., it would definitely stop those channel surfers in their tracks!
    And the music is cool too :)
  • For anyone wondering, the song is "Sail" by AWOLNATION (their capitalization, not mine).
  • This was an ad for the amazing calls event last week, where french people got to talk to musicians and other celebs.
    The call with Metronomy was posted somewhere as well.
    The ad is great, they should repurpose it for Nokia devices in general (it does look like an ad that can be used for anything, just replace that phone with whatever object and you got an ad)
  • Dope song.  Do like.
  • Now this is what I'm talking about! This is a cool commercial! I wish microsoft had marketing like this. Great job Nokia! And this is great for Windows Phone in general. Please bring these kinds of commercial to the states. I guarantee that it would give windows phone a fighting chance.
  • Are you sure this ad is cool? Maybe just in the very beginning. But then quickly some disturbing violence kicks in and the video starts being confusing and weird.