Now available on Windows Phone: Smash Champs, from the makers of Subway Surfers

The developers behind Subway Surfers, Kiloo, have released their favorite game Smash Champs to Windows Phone. The game arrived on iOS and Android last October, putting Windows Phone a few months behind the free title. However, today's release is the latest version of the game, matching those other platforms.

Available for Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1, the 48 MB game is available for 512 MB devices as well.

Smash Champs is a Pokemon type adventure where you pick a character to train. Training involves doing various tasks to bump up your character's skills and abilities - in essence, it is a Fruit Ninja clone, so lots of fun. Afterwards, your student goes on to fight other characters through the game in a Mortal Kombat type style clash.

Users can link their Facebook account up to the game or login as a guest. Other features include:

  • CHALLENGE friends and foes in turn-based online play
  • TRAIN your Champs for combat with lightning fast swipe action
  • RISE through the ranks to become a legendary trainer
  • UNLOCK Champs and customize them with powerful gear
  • DISCOVER triumph in spectacular combat cinematics

We just loaded up the game on our Lumia 930 and have had no issues connecting our Facebook account or playing a few rounds. Overall, it looks to be a solid adventure game with very well done graphics.

The Windows Phone version of the game is 1.5.3, which puts it just slightly ahead of the iOS and Android versions at 1.5.2, which were both updated today. In fact, today's update is similar to Subway Surfers, bringing new bonus content every few weeks. It is safe to assume that the Windows Phone version of Smash Champs will receive update parity with iOS and Android, much like Subway Surfers.

Check out the teaser trailer and the video about today's update and bonus features to see the game in action.

Download Smash Champs for Windows Phone (Free, optional IAP)

Thanks, Faris, for the tip!

QR: smash champs

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  • Seems that Daniel had Smash Brothers on the mind..... ;)
  • From which angle is it like Pokémon??
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  • "From which angle is it like Pokémon??"
    Training stupid creatures to fight each other. Sounds exactly like Pokémon. I will concede, however, this game probably has fewer virgins playing it.
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    Lol looks like someone cannot just stand the off topics (deleted my very first comment :P )
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    You just claimed my entire life to be based on stupid creatures.
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  • I'm surprised at how many Windows Central writers act rude all the time.
  • It's been delayed for an unknown time.
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  • Works perfectly on my 830 ! Not even a lag.
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