Sunset Overdrive is one of the more unique – and exclusive – games for Xbox One this holiday season and if there is one thing you can say about the game is it has style. Now, the developers of the game are branching out into new territory by releasing a few eye-catch jerseys through a novel online store.

Heading to and you can find three shirts based on the game, including the somewhat hilarious 'Sexburger' one. Made by the sweatshop-free American Apparel, the tees fetch for a modest $20, making them quite a bargain if you are a fan of the hilarious themed game.

The shirts themselves are a limited run with just 250 each. The reason is simple: this is an experiment.

Microsoft is toying with the idea of offering more merchandise for fans of their game IPs, and Sunset Overdrive is one of those. If these shirts sell well, you can expect more shirts and gear for even more games in the future. So, as they like to say in marketing classes, vote with your wallet if interested.

What other Microsoft-owned games would you like to get some merch?