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The NuAns Neo Reloaded is an Android phone, sayonara Windows [Update]

Update: As the previously outed store listing suggested, the NuAns Neo Reloaded is now confirmed to be an entirely Android affair.

Spotted in a now removed Japanese Amazon listing, the BlogofMobile team (via WinFuture) has surfaced what appears to be a spec list for the Neo Reloaded. That second part of the name seems to be particularly relevant as one key spec stands out.

Android 7.1 Nougat.

Store listings aren't usually the source you look for, but the Amazon Japan listing was pretty detailed, and since we've had no confirmation either way that Windows 10 Mobile would actually be on the new Neo, it does seem plausible.

Other specs include a Snapdragon 625 processor, 5.2-inch 1080p display, 3GB of RAM and a 3,450 mAh battery.

The NuAns Neo stood out among the crowd of black rectangles thanks to its unique customization opportunities, and that it ran Windows 10 was an added bonus. But, outside of its native Japan, NuAns has struggled to get the Neo going, with a failed Kickstarter campaign trying to get more global availability.

NuAns is set to unveil the Neo Reloaded on February 20, so we won't have long to wait to find out if all of this is accurate. At least for now, it's not looking so promising.

Thanks Patata for the tip!

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • They will fail again...
  • No...they won't. They failed the first time because the general public wants NOTHING to do with windows mobile devices.
  • Oh god... You again... Do you really think that on a market as crowded as the market of android phones, a little Japanese company would make any success? They will fail harder than they did with W10M...
  • Wfanboys on this site have been shouting this since more than 5yrs, yet Xiaomi, oneplus, vivo all came later and suceeded in the very same croweded market.
  • you know only 2 companys make real profit on the smartphone market? Samsung and Apple....there is no other company which realy suceeded until now and of course, xiaomi, oneplus just have some success in china...none of them are any success in "western" countries  
  • MANY of my friends have OnePlus phones.
  • Yeah, the OnePlus One was my first ever Android handset (thanks to its versatile software, flagship specs AND Privacy Guard). Before that, was just using jailbroken iPhones (last was a 4s)...
  • Onplus 3t sucks for international traveling since they have different versions for different regions instead of one or two with many bands like the pixel, iPhone, or Lumia 950.
  • I don't have a 3T (yet) but I thought it was the same version with a range of bands for all.
  • Nope. Just look at the specs on their website.
  • Privacy Guard?! Oh please... xD
  • How many companies are making any money on Windows Phones?
  • How many companies are making money on Android phones either? Mobile is pretty stagnant and even Apple is shrinking. LG not even making money. The fickle public are starting to look for the 'next big thing'.
  • Mobile will remain just as big until the next big thing, unlike desktop PC. And there is a huge fight for market share. With Apple taking most of the profits, Samsung dominating with numbers, the only way the other OEMs survive is to sell at any cost. So while Chinese OEMs are sacrificing profit for more units shipped, LG, HTC or Sony struggle to make profits, given the costs and number of shipped units
  • There's still a huge desktop PC market.
  • Huawei, Vivo, and Oppo are all making profits.
  • Mobile phones are damn boring at the moment. Nobody is doing anything that interesting. MS have some things they are working on, and I'm pretty sure Google will be doing something like Continuum. Not heard about anything from Apple but you never know they may finally do something genuinely unique with iOS with the 10 anniversary of the iPhone. Market is stagnant right now if you ask me though
  • Huawei is also massively successful and makes profit as well. Third largest phone manufacturer in the world. China is a powerhouse when it comes to cell phones.
  • Alternative facts
  • Giving away phones with no profit whatsoever is not a success.
  • And where did you see their profits from the devices? Just 'cause they're not stupidly greedy like Crapple doesn't mean they're not making money...
  • Apple spends less than 300$ making 700-1000$+ phones. If they actually spent money on factories and jobs to build their own parts and phones, they wouldn't hog 85% of the mobile profits. With the new OLED screens and more compact internals, the iPhone will become the standard 1000$ or more phone to keep up their profits
  • I cat tell you at least 20 companies that couldn't get any attention at all
  • Can you name one Company that has been successful with Windows Phone? There are several Android manufacturers who have had some success and others who have had huge success. Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, and Xiaomi to name a few. There are plenty who haven't had as much success, but that isn't because of Android. It comes down to their own design and marketing. They still need to compete with the other Android manufacturers. Choosing Windows Phone just guarantees you will not be able to compete at all.
  • HP? I don't watch the market that closely... But aren't they doing as well as they had hoped? They just recently announced new hardware to go with their phone, so I would guess they're doing okay...
  • HP is doing just as well as they'd hoped. However, that doesn't necessarily mean they've been doing great in the consumer market. Look at the numbers (if we knew them) and I'm willing to bet the total number of HP Elite x3's is still below 100,000. But to HP, this is still a success, because they're not targeting consumers. They're trying to build an ecosystem for enterprises, and that's exactly what they're doing.
  • Building an ecosystem on a dead platform? It will make more sense with WoA, but still won't make sense compared to just carrying a surface or Ultrabook. I would be surprised if they even hit 10,000 sales. Look at the Kickstarter for the NuAns for an ideas of how non-Lumia Windows phones sell.
  • Again, you're entirely missing the point. It's not even fair to begin to compare the Neo and the Elite. They're barely similar at all. NuAns is a small, foolish OEM who will fail just as hard with Android as they did with Windows. The Elite is in another league entirely, with utterly different goals.
  • Don't underestimate HP's ability to be foolish. I mean, they are trying to sell a $1300 smartphone with Windows Mobile that then requires a massively expensive subscription to be useful! Did you really think that was going to be successful even in HP's target market?
  • But in all seriousness how many others didn't and never got their name out there? Some people end up winning the lottery, doesn't mean that everyone that buys a ticket will win.
  • Any Android OEM who has even a margin of success (and it's never very big) all go bigger than NuAns have done with this. The specs are weak for the price, the design is clunky, and the availability is, well, limited. NuAns aren't going to see any greater success with this device simply because there are far cheaper devices that do MORE, with better, more reliable designs and build quality, and greater availability.
  • But now the operating system isn't holding them back. Their success is now based on the device, marketing and pricing. If they get all that right, they now have a chance.
  • Yep....have to counter SUPER FANBOY BULLSHIT with common sense and correctness! OH...BTW, RANDOM DS, Yes, they WILL Sell more phones with android on it than windows. They could not even move 500 units with windows...because its a SUNK TITANIC edition. all that's left are a few fanboys in the liferafts now!
  • Ahhh, the all caps cursing, know-it-all, name calling, argument is your version of "common sense and correctness"? There's more than "fanboys". There are delusional haters who can't stay away. You must know at least one of those. The "common sense and correctness" of this scenario is that this company prices premium, while underpowering poorly designed phones. Running Android won't solve those problems. Instead of you crazy comparison with Windows, please let us know how this cross-platform dunce is going to compete with the stars of Android. I know it's a little off your attack Windows turrets outbursts, but we'd all love to hear your clearly unbiased, fanboy free, words of "common sense and correctness". Please do all cap the important stuff. It's hard to read on the liferafts, you know. Yes, to be consistent with your theme, you should probably capitalize "liferafts". Surely, that would win people over to your strange bashing obsession, making your visit here make more sense.
  • so your fanboy mind is still dreaming? keep believing all the crap MS is selling to you..:)) keep supporting a mediocre OS and and even more pathetic company
  • I'm sure you probably never gave too much thought that Microsoft cares a lot about Android succeeding?  Or why they don't mind releasing most everything on Android.  When Android fails so does microsoft.  Don't you realize Microsoft makes money from just about every Android device sold?  The more Android phones sold the more money they make and the more they can invest in their own devices if they choose.  So when people think any Android loss is somewhat a gain, think again.  The best bet is hope Microsoft make as much as they can on Android and then hope they then invest it into mobile.  Doubtful, but one can hope.
  • even microsoft does not want why should anybody else?
  • Getr crazy, obsessed Steve...there are a lot of products that fail that don't run Windows mobile. There are a lot of Android devices that fail. In this case, even Windows fans wanted nothing to do with NuAns and neither will Android fans. This will be a cross platform failure.
  • Just wait, the WartornBooks Celeron phones will save the day soon! Jason Ward says so, since they're built with love and passion, and not technology nonsense like the iPhone and Galaxy. Windows 10 Mobile will be up to 10% market share by 2018!
  • You forgot the Surface phone too. It will make the market shares reach 30% and will close the app gap. And it's rumored that it might also solve the poverty in the world and end wars.
  • :))) what are you smoking? seems pretty good stuff.
  • Sarcasm rolled in irony and lit up with MS fanboys frustration ;)
  • They probably will fail at attaining wider success due to the saturated Android market where Samsung is king.
  • The design is not my cup of tea and the specs pale in comparison to what I already have.  Even if this new model had Windows 10 Mobile on it, I wouldn't buy it.  Not to mention it's not even available to me.
  • Even if they do, they won't fail so miserably as the original one, powered by a dead OS, did.
  • So they'll sell more than HP then? OK.
  • More than the Elite X3? You can bet your ar*e they will. It's not hard to sell more than that flop ahahahahah
  • How do you know that the x3 was a flop? Do you have sales figures from HP? If so, please share it with us ;)
  • Barely even registers against other Windows phones. Must have been a huge flop if it can't even move the needle compared to them.
  • No they won't. Shall we expect you here to call NuAns a cross platform flop when they fail?
  • The NuAns already failed miserably when they decided to opt for WP. That showed again on the failed kickstarter. No one was interested in it. Not even the WP-fanboys in this site that said over and over again "oh I wish they'd sell it outside Japan, I'd buy it" and then when time came to put their money where their mouths were chickened out.   After that, anything they do on Android will already be a success when compared to continuing spending money with a dead OS like WP10.
  • What is WP10? An OS that never existed can be counted as dead, yeah... But did you hear about Windows 10 Mobile? 😂
  • Are you still using a Sony?
  • Too bad that it is not dual-boot, or I'd buy one.  My current tablet is dual-boot, and I am loving it.
  • The only device I could possibly care about, at this point, is a "Surface Phone"......
  • Didn't matter. Ms won't market it.
  • So this time when they move to android like Blackberry and fail again there will be no excuses left. Any manufacturer releasing phones without >200M annual marketting budgets (Apple & Samsung), cut throat <1% margins (ZTE, Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo/Motorola) or the ability to supply their own components to save on licensing & manufacturing costs (LG, Samsung, Apple) will fail on Android. That is what Blackberry quickly learned and also what Nokia will likely discover.
  • Nokia? Their recent phones were sold out in seconds. source:
  • Could be be old Microsoft trick of only making 1000 units to sell and then being proud of being out of stock so fast.
  • I doubt that, people love Nokia brand. Its famous for its quality phones. I would love to buy another Nokia in future. Also their Nokia tablet that was announced a few years back was also a hit in China. Look it up
  • No doubt get shot down for this, but if Nokia made both android and windows devices, with the same design/specs to save additional costs, I'd snap one up in a second. Although let's not forget these really aren't made by "Nokia" anymore, so who knows what they'll be like.
  • Well latest Lumias also weren't real Nokia then and still were selling
  • They didn't have Nokia branding though, if you are referring to the 650, 950, 950XL.
  • No, I'm not. 638, 735, 830 were Nokia Lumia phones made by MS. (Nokia was acquired in early 2014, phones were made later the same year)
  • These phones aren't MANUFACTURED by Nokia. But Surfaces aren't manufactured by Microsoft either.
    Everything else the phones are Nokia through HMD (which works as a "puppet company").
    And if you needed more proof that Nokia is actually behind HMD, the press conference at MWC where the phones will be presented will be held by Nokia Technologies, not HMD. ;)
  • Having ex employees start something didn't equate a puppet company. Nokia is but a licensed named on these.
  • For the 1000th time: - Nokia created HMD - HMD is made of ex-Nokia people - Nokia has a sit in the Board of Directors of HMD - Nokia has supervising power over HMD's activities - Nokia puts their patent portfolio at HMD's disposal - Nokia itself presents the phones.   So no, this is way more than just a license to use a brand.
  • I don't agree that Nokia's reputation is all that golden. What has Nokia been known for in recent years? Being behind the times and late to smartphones, producing the ultimately failing Lumia range, and being bailed out of the smartphone market by MS. Their iconic products are unfortunately the plastic 'dumb' phones of the previous decade. I'm not saying they aren't good innovators - look at the 920, the 1020 - and they made some solid, fantastic devices. But a stigma is a stigma for general consumers and Nokia didn't do so well since the birth of the smartphone. DJCBS and general Nokia fans, my hands are up in the air, shoot away.
  • If the fact that Nokia and their "failing Lumia range" made Windows Phone even a thing and Nokia's absense killed the OS, along with the fact that the new Nokia smartphone is selling like hotcakes doesn't prove to you that Nokia still holds a very strong reputation with consumers, I don't know what to tell you. I mean, the facts are all in front of you, if you refuse to see them, there's nothing anyone can do.
  • 'Selling like hotcakes' yeah its doing well but Galaxys and iPhones sell like that. It's in one market right now and it hasn't made a massive splash in terms of the media worldwide, other than the initial 'Nokia is back' ...novelty, in a way.
    But I'm not talking about sales, Nokia will do well; I mean general stigma. Because how many general consumers think Nokia is a hip, modern brand like Apple and will switch? Its problems have been well known.
    If it helps, I have nothing against the company. I loved my 1020. But it surely can't have the brand value it once had after all that has happened to it.
  • Don't worry they will learn just like dillusional Blackberry fans! The blazing hot 2 years ago Xiaomi with 0% margins have seen their sales fall off a cliff 22% y/y. HMD has 2 choices 1. >200M worldwide marketting budget 2. negative to 1% margins... without either of the 2 they will fail to make a dent... end of story. Vivo, Lenovo, Coolpad, ZTE, Xiaomi & Huaweii will eat HMD/Nokia alive in China.
  • "it hasn't made a massive splash in terms of the media worldwide"...well, you might want to learn languages other English then because it was news pretty much everywhere. And the initial "Nokia is back" generated enough hype. And it's more than ANY other brand other than Samsung and Apple get in the news. No general media reports "HTC launched a new phone" or "Sony's latest phones are ". And even Samsung and Apple don't get that much more coverage. You get the articles when the Sx and the latest iPhone are presented and that's it. Occasionally you get extra articles if you phones start exploding of course.   And WHAT "stigma"? There's no such stigma. Most consumers know Nokia pretty well because of either: 1 - they had Nokia phones; 2 - they know the Nokia 3310 and its reputation. "how many general consumers think Nokia is a hip, modern brand like Apple and will switch?" General consumers don't think Apple is a "hip, modern brand". Which is why the iPhone doesn't even have 20% of the marketshare worldwide. Apple's brand is very valuable with a limited segment of consumers - the iSheep - who swear by their products. And because of that - and the tactic of selling overpriced mid-range products - they generate billions of dollars which reflects positibly on the brand. But those people are normally also in a Mac-world. They don't just use the iPhone. And then you have *some* places where the brand is seen as a "status symbol". People want the iPhone because it's expensive as hell and if they get it they pass on the idea that they're well off. Of course, normally they don't have a peny to their name but that's a different story.   Nokia's brand following is actually the only mobile brand that gets the same amount of "cult following" that Apple does. You ask "how many will jump from an iPhone to a Nokia Android"? I answer: not many people (I personally know quite a few who will but none of them are the traditional Apple consumer anyway in the sense that they use Windows PCs and don't use iPads). Now ask "How many people will jump from another Android phone to a Nokia Android phone" and I'll answer you "a great many people". As well as quite a few remaining WP users will be jumping to them too.   Time and again we've heard from normal consumers "I wish Nokia still made smartphones" or "I wish Nokia had an Android phone". That's what Nokia is addressing. Many many people only left Nokia branded phones when Nokia opted for WP instead of Android and as a result opted for an OS without any apps they wanted. As much brand loyalty many people had, it wouldn't go as far as paying 600€ for a smartphone without apps. Back when Nokia Lumias came out, I've heard from many people that they loved the phones but the OS was putting them off. You simply can't deny that.   Does it have the "brand value it once had" 2008? No, of course not. Nokia will be working to rebuild their brand to the top where it was. However, it still has a valuable brand on the mobile space. In fact, the Nokia brand has more value in mobile than the likes of LG, HTC or Google. As for the brand value of Nokia in general...well, their return to mobile phones has already increased its value by 62%*. So that ought to give you a hint at the real value of the brand.   (*source:
  • ...I touched a nerve didn't I. At least we agree on one thing - it doesn't have the same halo around it, because (and you'll like this) it took a denting with WP. But I seriously think you believe I am attacking Nokia - I am not. It'd be good to see it do well. My overall point is, however, how many *less* general consumers, who haven't really been too interested in the takeovers and revival of the Nokia smartphone line, will look at a Nokia phone and see it's merits, and how many will now just disregard it using the image they perceive of it from the past few years - you said yourself, WP turned people away. Therefore, going back to my original point, the brand isn't quite as golden as it is made out to be. Think this little discussion has spiralled a little.
  • You doubt that because you have confirmation bias.
  • If you loved Nokia, you would no that those phones don't have too much to do with Nokia. It is an independent unrelated company.
  • You prove time and time again that you have no idea of what you're talking about. How embarrassing.
  • I don't remember that we were ever talking, but may be I should be emberresed again in the post truth world. However for those that still appreciate the truth and not the harrasment, there is a Wikipedia page about HMD that tells everything Nokia has no relations to it except that it is selling them their name.
  • The Nokia tablet was sold out in seconds in 2015 yet there was no version 2 released, which means it failed to meet sales expectations for the company.
  • Except the Nokia 1 was a test to the business model. Because it didn't work out exactly as expected (the expansion to other markets through Foxconn was hard), Nokia created HMD to serve as Nokia's new D&S division without actually being part of the Nokia Corporation and Foxconn was sent back to only manufacturing  the devices.
  • Nokia hasn't created HMD. And Nokia has nothing with Nokia 1. Nokia Mobile is dead a long time ago. Now they sell their name to whomever wants to pay (yeah they put some press releases like they have their own employees taking care that product is great (probably 2 of them)), just HMD is somewhat better in reviving the spirit of Nokia. But it isn't Nokia, far from it.
  • Nokia? It is just another Chinese brand that has licensed a famous name. Just like what has been happening on the TV and hifi-markets the last five years.
  • Ahh I was wondering when you'd show up to spew ignorance all over the place...
  • Just like that Chinese company that makes Surface for the Miscrosoft?  
  • you clearly are more fanboy than you appear...your MS crap fanboy blind brain is off the charts. do a research before talking crap.
  • Nokia will buck that trend. There's still a lot of love and loyalty for the brand. I for one will be buying their first flagship (Nokia P1?) when it's announced and released. I love Windows but I like iOS and Android too so it's not an issue for me to jump...again
  • Except Nokia is learning that demand for their phones is actually bigger than they expected and they already had to boost production to keep up with demand. Oh and the only Android released so far - the Nokia 6 - already sold more in a month than Windows Phone in a year. So... Yeah, Nokia's definitely "learning a hard lesson". And that of course is how stupid they were to EVER even have done WPs in the first place.
  • Remember that Nokia also made android phones when they were making lumias, but the android ones were difficult to sell, 'cos there were lots phone makers out there producing android phones as well.
  • The super low end Nokia X that Microsoft killed? Is that what you mean?
  • 1 - The Nokia X range was not the Androids Nokia planned to do, they were the phones Eflop allowed them to do. They were going for full blown Google Android but Microsoft's then mole intervened to prevent that. 2 - As such, the Nokia X lacked the thing that sells Android: apps. 3 - The current and upcoming Nokia Android phones will not have Eflops piggy hands meddling in them. They'll be full blown Android with the apps and all that jazz. And judging by the Nokia 6 alone, they'll do just fine ;)
  • If they actually had decent looking shells to choose from, I might have consider it an option. But all their various backs I saw looked like rotten zombie skin or leftover bits of ice cream cone that fell on the floor. I wouldn't buy a case from Ebay for my phone that looked like that, why the hell would I buy a phone that came looking like that? They should have fired whoever approved those backs because I am sure a lot of other people thought the same.
    If they just picked complimenting backs with simple finishes like brushed silver or gunmetal with gold trim that could be mixed up would have taken off. Come out with the Alligator knee cap skin later.
    Slapping Android on this thing won't save it. The specs are moderate in an Android environment and the only thing going for them is their multiple backs you can change up. If they're still crap looking, you still got nothing. There were also wood textures and such, but not many people want wood on their phones, or some pale green stucco or tan coloured plaster. The device was also very thick... Like Lumia 1020 thick (minus the camera) it just wasn't a nice looking phone and switching around the backs is pointless considering how many people go out and get cases for their phones to protect them. All of which have far more design options to choose from. This back swapping trait seems a little pointless when you really think about it. Oh you can customize how your phone looks and make it unique to you? So can everybody else.
  • Can they not just stick Windows 10 mobile OS on a few hundred and test the water again??
  • Whats the point.. there is literally no future for Windows 10 mobile as of now and there will not be anything changing in the next product cycle. Maybe they can test the waters again once their is a clear strategy. They run a business.. to run a business on "test the waters" is not a wise business decision
  • Neither is a snapdragon 625 on an android brick in the same tier as Sony, HTC, LG et al's failing offerings, there was some interest on the original Kickstarter, so I'm sure those people would snap up this phone with Windows, testing waters is all these people may have for their business
  • How can any business progress from an idea without testing the market? The only surefire way for a phone company to succeed on Android is to come out with a waterproof, wireless charging, 4k, 4,800mah battery, ir blaster, Google assistant, curved screen, fingerprint etc it all comes down to the trial of the market response
  • They did test the market. Didn't even get 500 preorders from their Kickstarter!
  • Why release phone with OS that has only 0.3% market share? On Android they might not sell tons of them but still sell something
  • This number is the percentage of devices sold in Q4 2016. Not the percentage of active Windows smartphones.
  • But thaat # has been declining.  Meaning much to the fanboy's chagrin the platform is dead.
  • Is your life so boring and empty that you amuse yourself by continually proclaiming that Windows is dead in a Windows forum? SAD indeed!
  • What makes you think my life is boring? Because I say something that many others do? I've been on this site since 2011-12 because I like my phone and I don't have Android phone nor iPhone for 3 reasons - Glance screen, Start screen (1 screen vs "pages" on other two OS) and a dedicated camera button (even my old 710 has it + 925, 928). 
  • All three of those things are readily available on Android and even iPhone now.
  • -Always On on LG, Samsung and Motorola ≠ Glance screen which shows all notifications I want. It's limited.
    -iPhones don't have camera button and I don't want ugly Sony with "bad" camera compared to others. Maybe there are more, idk
    -I don't think I've seen any Android phone that has "default" one page screen. But there are probably bunch of launchers. And iPhone doesn't have that too
  • Microsoft's Arrow Launcher has vertical pages for apps on the home screen instead of horizontal. Only problem is that it seems as though Microsoft took the regular horizontal pages and stacked them on top of each other; they don't scroll exactly like the Start Screen.
  • Don't you double click the home button on iPhone or something? On Android, the down button doubles as a camera button. You can easily fit all your iPhone icons in one screen if you want, but what is the point? Just put your most used apps on the front screen and a couple folders and you are all set.
  • Yea 3 years after MS came up with it. And all you icrap and crapdroid fanboys think those features were just recently invented.
  • Motorola had their version of Glance in 2013 and Microsoft didn't invent it. Nokia ported it to Windows from Symbian. I am sure you don't think Microsoft invented the homescreen or camera button!
  • I know Glance came from old Nokia's and camera button came from Nokia N series. Idk who made that screen if not MS, but it doesn't matter, really
  • Former users of windows 10 mobile....most people are. I use windows devices EVERY day...I love my notebooks with windows 10...however, windows 10 mobile is dead....essentially NO market share. What is the point in loading a stagnant OS on your phone your trying to sell when you can load on an OS with market share, Sell 10 times the number of phones and make a go of your business....They are in business to make money, not appease 10 - 15 fanboys here.
  • Their problem is price, not OS.
  • why would they...the FANBOYS never bought them, the general public never bought them...why do the same huge mistake again?
  • They are making the same mistake again. A poorly designed, under powered, high priced piece of junk...regardless of OS is going to fail. But only Winbashing is fun for you.
  • The fanboys tried, i backed it.
  • That's like you putting your foot in lava to see how hot it is and after burning it put in the other foot just to make sure lava is really that hot.
  • @Adrian What are you even doing here ??
  • Atul, what are YOU doing here? He has just as much "right" to be here as me, you or anyone else. Fanboys are 10 mobile is a sunk ship. NOT SINKING.....SUNK. .03 percent market share...why would they? they could not sell 500 windows mobile phones the last go round....they wanted to but never. THATS called DEAD OS.....I would not put another phone out with windows mobile on it either....They obviously want to sell putting an OS that has a future, and a present is key to selling phones. SIMPLE BUSINESS. FEELINGS are left out of it!
  • Thank you again, for all capitalizing the important stuff. It doesn't make you look crazy at all. Keep up the insults in place of logic, too. Well played. Oh, the simple business angle. All capped, so you must have an MBA or are some super successful magnate. Business isn't actually simple and there are people who rescue "dead" companies. You know like Steve Jobs did for bankrupt bound Apple, back in the day. Pick up a business book before declaring your delusions as "simple business". I have a similar question. Why are you here? It's a sensible question for those of us who don't spend time and energy on "dead" things with people we don't like and call nanes like "fan boy" if they don't see the light. That seems a bit pathetic, like an obsessed ex that won't let it go. Why not just go gush all over your new love. I'm sure you can all cap some nice words, too.
  • Please...tell me, how many businesses have you started that were successful and we will talk....I am HERE....because...I use Microsoft devices...just not their mobile....I am "allowed" to be here just as much as the crazed fanboys.
  • Let's start out with the reminder that it is you who is positioning himself as the "expert" of simple business, not me.  With that in mind: * I currently have my own business consulting other businesses.  Both ends happen to enjoy a fair degree of success.  Of course, it is not a Fortune (any number) business, I always concede that point. 
    * My academic education included a degree in economics with credits in marketing.  I also have a certificate in entreprenuership.
    * I learned a ton from my mother who ran a very successful chemical distribution company.  As a youngin, I worked in the warehouse sweeping floors, eventually becoming Director of Sales and a temporarty CFO. Is that enough for me to have a conversation with you?  I have never challenged the notion that you are "allowed".  I do find it funny with your history of insult filled rants directed at anyone who disagrees with you, that you refer to others as "crazed".  It just seems a bit pathetic that you focus so much energy on something you deem "dead".  You question my credentials to even converse with you, but you openly engage on a topic and with people, both seemingly beneath you.  Interesting. 
  • More than I thought. I started and successfully ran for 20 years 2 businesses. One a commercial construction business that a recently sold for a "generous" profit, the other business I sold 5 years ago which was a fire/water restoration and consulting company that worked with 90% of the Insurance companies because My company (i.e. ME, had expertise that NO other company had)....again, I made a "generous" profit off it. I just got sick of doing that work...So, instead of retiring at 40....I am starting a 3rd business in building custom motorcycles, snowmobiles and atvs. Why???? Because I love it. I am not CRAPPING on Microsoft as a whole, I am stating that windows 10 mobile is tanked. done....even Microsoft knows it..and the fanboys keep on dreaming that they are coming up with all these new things. Unfortunately its not true. The surface phone is NOT magically going to push any type of mobile windows OS into even high single digits of market share. Its not magically going to get people to develop apps/software to work in the mobile space like current apps do. I question your business credentials because if you ever did at basic business/economics course, you would know that doing something that failed again is a big setup for disappointment in the business world....obviously they (nuAns) also knows this. Hence, they are going to use android, a successful operating system. Fanboys here have their head up their asses if they think windows mobile is a success...or will be. Windows 10 on computers/surfaces is AWESOME. on mobile devices, or using a surface like a tablet....NOPE!
  • what defines what an android phone looks like?
  • Android 7.1 in the spec list pretty much nails it.
  • I have used ios, android and windows, when I switched my devices every time I find Windows 10 mobile more fun the look is clean the live tiles fantastic, Android yes it has Apps that is good but it get so boring, developers need to think about this platform. I am sure one day these other platform android and ios they will have the features that Windows has and people will go crazy for innovation about them and Forgot that actually Windows was there before lol...
  • Haahaa what are these features? I have a windows Phone and an Android phone. There are exponentially more features on my Android phone. Microsoft has put little to no effort in Windows Mobile. Developers know it. Hell they have left saying that Microsoft has no clear strategy. Be as delusional as you need to be to feel good about yourself. But you are in a bubble.a very small bubble.
  • I also have a Windows and an Android and I choose Windows as my main device. Preferences are personal. I have friends that still use an old Bkackberry and even one using a flip phone and a couple with no cell phones at all. Your preference isn't universally "right". We aren't alone in this bubble. You're here. You're always here describing the bubble.
  • Gets boring? That is a lame excuse. Android can be anything, it can even emulate Windows Phones. Most apps on Android have a Live Tile that is fully functional, not just randomly information flashing with no interactivity. If anything, Windows phones get boring as they are truly static devices. Their is no customization available and everything is locked down and minimal. The homescreen is really just getting you into apps, so I don't think Widgets or Live Tiles are important either way. People don't spend time starting at their home screen unless they are looking for something simple like weather information, which is easily found on the home screen of any device these days. They know what app they want and they open it.
  • Look, you don't like W10M, we get it. Jeez.
  • What is boring is your obsession to sing your preference of Android, over and over. Trust me...we get hate Windows mobile.
  • I won't blame them, even the owners of the os don't even give much credit to the platform
  • At this point it feels like MS are preparing for a new refresh, and it's possible OEMs are in the know about this too. Even if they wanted to make a Windows 10 Mobile device, it makes more sense to wait for Windows 10 ARM or whatever might be next in the works.
  • maybe theres nothing in the works...
  • Yea, let's wait and see, what the next super business focused phone would be like
  • Its sad to see the windows phone market going down.  Next ultimate device will not bring back the merket.  There is nothing wrong with windows mobile system and the phones. There is no anything android phone that windows phone cannot do.   The main problem is the mobile trend.  Microsoft believe windows on phone more productive, andoid and iphone users want more entertainment with phones,  more and more enjoy entertainment with phone,  drift away from devices suitable for business. 
  • Doesn't make any sense tho they would kill of current mobile plans just so they can resurrect the market again later.
    No one does that, no one
  • very logical, to say the least.
  • I hope these rumors aren't true, IMHO the uniqueness' of the original Nuans Neo design, refined perhaps, combined with those updated internals, most recent version of windows 10 and hopefully a broader availability, would make it a big if not the biggest contender in what for now is a relatively small pool.
  • If its really the case that they are doing android , at least have a windows 10 version as well, like Alcatel did
  • So as usual, Nutella sits on his ass collecting money while one of the most important sectors continues to go down the tubes. In the end, mobile devices are going to be the driving sector. At this point it is all up to Panos, because the idiot at the helm is to busy partying it up. Its sad really. Because what the rest have done with the Surface line has been amazing. I know kids who have taken a look at my Surface Book and actually said to me "Apple is done", and getting kids to think that way is HUGE. Having a phone in the same ecosystem would have been beautiful, but someone just doesnt have the drive.
  • I hate comments like this, it's just unnecessary. I will say though, if Microsoft doesn't push Windows 10 mobile any harder, commercials and other marketing, they can then kiss away any chance at mobile.
  • What's to hate? Its the truth. We have a slug at the helm. If people dont keep calling him out, he won't do a damn thing. Its normal for CEO's and board members to be on multiple boards (but usual a money grab), but nit when your primary position has a huge task (which is the Mobile issue at hand/universal merge) and when your primary position is the head of such a HUGE company. Nutella should be far to busy to be trying and get a few extra slug bucks out of Starbucks. That alone should tell you he isn't here because of passion....and that reason alone he needs to be called out over and over until he changes his work ethic, resigns, or the board gives him the boot. He has earned no respect as far as I'm concerned.
  • I agree about Nadella. I also believe that the failure in mobile, specifically the smartphone market will be the thing we look back on 5 years from now as the beginning of a very different, very much less relevant Microsoft. Mobile is where they will have lost the game. As much as I personally will love a Surface Phone that does everything, the general consumer won't. With PC sales dropping, they are removing themselves from the consumer market by not releasing phones.
  • That's my point. Mobile is driving everything. The general Joe Schmoe in a forum knows it. Grandma down the straight knows it. My neighbor's seven year old kid knows it. So either Nutella is an idiot and has no clue, or he doesn't care as long as he is making quick cash. Either way, that means time to go....exit left.
  • upvoted you because you at least spelled his name correctly
  • Nutella hahahaha... You just found the best surname for a CEO!!
  • Dumb ass was already taken.
  • Can't say precisely that they will fail or success, but what's sure is that this phone won't be any bad than the others. If we say in a small selling area (e.g a country or state), it is still a very high potential phone. Still depends on how the developers will dig out the potential.
  • Oh well. I don't blame them. They're going where the money is.
  • Oh well. I don't blame them. They're going where the money is.
  • They're think logically and know how to make money ;) ....
  • Yes im back once again with my lumia 820 and win 10 on it.. Once i was a diehard win p fan. Im still loving my 820
  • Satya please kill yourself
  • why not just buy another phone instead of making threats against the CEO.....that's super childish.....
  • What threat did he make? He made a suggestion and a good one at that. This clown is a sexist pig driving Microsoft into the ground in exchange for a quick buck. Give Panos the keys to this car already.
  • Childish? Haha. Says the guy who comes round to bash what he hates while recycling insults in all caps like he invented them. Haha. That's awesome. The wannabe schoolyard bully calling someone childish. Priceless.
  • ha ha...dalydose....seems to work on you....
  • Nah. I don't feel bullied or even remotely intimidated by your insults. You seem more intent on proving yourself right, even if that's not so.  Maybe you're bullying a scared little guy inside you. 
  • HA ha scared little guy inside me....Seems to me that anything that I say you are there to comment. That seems childish! not myself. furthermore, I am not bullying anyone. I have no idea where you come up with that. I call fanboys out because they are stuck in one frame of thought....afraid to look at the complete picture. I used to be like only....Now, I have devices of all makes and brands...why? because you cannot get everything on one system. Most fanboys will make up excuses about windows/apple/android. Guess what, I have a 950xl coming to me....even though windows 10 mobile is failing...why? because it has 3d capture for builder. Allowing me to quickly recreate parts for motorcycles etc that are long out of production. I cannot get that on android or apple without major screwing around. However, it will never be my daily driver. Apple has that wrapped up because their app catalog is massive compared to windows, and android is a little behind in polish. I do have android devices, my note 1 is my business phone as I have pen support for things like square payment etc, can't get that on windows phone, and I have an android tablet that is my navigation tool for travelling. Windows 10 almost there with that and maps pro. Windows 10 is my goto OS on my desktops becacuse its better than macOS, as well as the hardware for it is miles ahead too. Sooooooooooo before you come in and try to discredit what I say, maybe you should look at the big picture of what I am saying and take the fanboy blinders off.
  • Well, why would they do it again when the OS has been announced as EoL? They probably didn't do that well on W10M and don't want to follow the reboot of a thrice-failed OS. Hard to blame them for not supporting a platform its creators won't consistently support.
  • I agree. But I highly doubt that they have any chance in Android market with announced price for mediocre product.
    Wish 'em all the luck!
  • Haha. Nice.
  • All ten users will be pissed.
  • They will sell more that's for sure
  • They will sell more that's for sure
  • and this is a surprise for who? i mean, isnt this company one of those that said laund and clear that they are dissappointed with microsoft support for windows mobile?
  • What's with those serifs on each corner???
  • Why do you all get so crazy over a phone? People are starving. The world is in turmoil and you all argue over a phone. You all going to be using that same phone in three years? Life is just too important to worry about a phone.
  • Yay..hahahahaha good decision..
  • :))) even they had enough of MS's mediocre OS. This time they might succeed, running Android.
  • It's a ......... Smartphone. My Lumia 950 will last till Pocket PCs hit. I'm not upgrading to another Smartphone when the next step in tech is just around the corner with Pocket PCs.
  • I think they should have went with a more powerful processor like the Snapdragon 821 or the helio x30. Otherwise this is an interesting phone.
  • This is honestly disappointing, but whatever.