Colorful Museum Nvidia CardSource: COLORFUL

What you need to know

  • PC part and AiO manufacturer COLORFUL has launched a GPU history museum.
  • It's been created in partnership with NVIDIA.
  • The museum is located in Shenzhen, China.

Tech company COLORFUL has teamed up with another all-caps-stylized company, NVIDIA, to produce a GPU history museum. It will help inform folks on the lengthy history of the best graphics cards so that people have a bit more context behind the cards and their role in PCs throughout the years.

The museum will be located in Shenzhen, China, meaning most curious onlookers reading this article will need to buy plane tickets if they hope to see it firsthand. The museum will highlight a bit of its creator's brand's handiwork as well in association with a section of the attraction dedicated to recognizing China's esports scene.

The museum's GPU collection isn't restricted to NVIDIA cards, of course, since they're not the only ones that are key to the history of the component type. COLORFUL's displays will also feature ATI graphics cards and other rarities from many companies, including those from big names such as Intel, IBM, and 3Dlabs.

A portion of the museum will also shine a light on the PC gaming industry's latest and greatest toys and include an 8K-display-endowed racing simulator and a VR station.

It's not every day that a museum dedicated to a key part of PCs' history opens up, hence why COLORFUL touts this GPU-specific one as the world's first of its kind. If it is successful, others may crop up around the world. But for now, China holds onto the debut effort in monuments dedicated to celebrating graphics cards and their lineage.