Microsoft Excel is an esport: Watch the pros throw down on June 8

Future of Microsoft 365 concept showing Excel formula suggestions
Future of Microsoft 365 concept showing Excel formula suggestions (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • The Microsoft Excel Twitter account has reminded everyone that financial modeling in Excel is an esport.
  • Said esport's pros will "work their mad #Excel skills" on June 8.
  • The event is being called "Financial Modeling World Cup - Multiplayer Battle."

Think you know esports? Well, think again. Throw Valorant, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, and all the others in a dumpster because the true champion of multiplayer gaming is here, and it's none other than Microsoft's very own Excel program. On June 8, eight competitors will square off in the Financial Modeling World Cup - Multiplayer Battle, wherein "top financial modelers around the world work their mad #Excel skills," according to the official Microsoft Excel Twitter account.

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Yes, it's true. Eight champions of financial modeling will assemble to show what they're made of on June 8 at 12 PM UTC. While you're investigating the site linked in the above tweet to suss out all the nitty-gritty details of the event, Microsoft would like to remind you that you can also grab merch from the same link. "Financial Modeling World Cup" hoodies, hats, and more can be yours. You can own a wearable piece of Excel history.

As can be evidenced from this Excel news, it's clear that Microsoft is putting its acquisition of to good use. Note that the Financial Modeling World Cup - Multiplayer Battle event will be streamed via YouTube, which is embedded into the aforementioned event page.

If all this Office talk has you itching to play some Excel, remember, you have time. The event is June 8, meaning you have all of tonight to hop into a few quick spreadsheet matches and rest up before the big day. Stock up on G Fuel, cue the motivational Imagine Dragons music, and prepare for the apex of esports action on June 8.

Robert Carnevale

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  • Excel e-sport? Not sure whether to be horrified or fascinated. I only have a basic grasp on Excel, but I know people can do some pretty crazy things with it.
  • You should be horrified. This is nerdier than real-life quiddich.
  • @Dradzk You can make crazy dashboards with excel. Anyway, if some folks want to spend their hours watching some people compete with excel then to each their own. Personally, I'd rather watch an e-sports event to switch off from work lol.
  • Lol! I'm just picturing a completely over excited commentator discribing the action like watching a extreme lumberjacking competition.
  • Haha.... the commentary will probably like one in a chess match... 😶 not that I've watched a chess match mind you 😅.
  • When you accomplish something really cool in Excel the feeling you get is just like beating a boss in a game. When you finally get rid of that #DIV or #VALUE there is nothing like that feeling of excitement that you get.