o2 no longer stocking the Lumia 800? Not quite

Feel free to file this under "What the fudge?", because the reasons provided by the carrier are even weirder. o2, the UK network that had issues with Nokia a while back before the Lumia 800 was unveiled at Nokia World, has been stocking the handset and has actually been selling numbers. We took a trip to Lakeside, in Essex, and were told the store there sold out delivered stock in just 24 hours. Stores elsewhere have displays set up or have the 800 in-line with competitor handsets, but the online store tells a completely different story.

Should you search for "Nokia Lumia 800" on the o2 store, one can select the phone's product page from the results. But wait, there is no page. 

o2 Lumia 800 Stock

So one can only come to the conclusion that o2 is no longer stocking the Lumia 800, correct? Wrong...

It seems the carrier is still stocking the handsets in stores, just not making the product available online. Gavin, a WPCentral reader, got in touch with us about the web store pulling the handset and that an o2 representative (over the phone) informed them they are no longer supporting the device. We popped into an o2 store and behold the confusing part - they are supporting the Lumia 800, and they are stocking it. 

The representative in-store checked the system and walked us through what the screen displayed. Next to the "Lumia 800" were a line of green boxes, the handset is stocked as far as January 2012. He was also not aware of the carrier dropping the phone at all. We contacted o2 and were told that stock may well be still going to local stores, but the website appears to run on a different planet. Has o2 dropped support? Only online for now it seems, but you can still pop into your local store (or at a retailer) and walk away with Nokia's Windows Phone it seems. Weird.

We've reached out to o2 for further confirmation on the matter and will update as of when we receive more details. Could well be nothing, and the carrier is just not wanting to stock for the online store, or could be more to it. Let us know in the comments should you have trouble getting the phone on o2 (UK).

Source: o2

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