o2 rolling NoDo out as planned

Recently we covered o2 (opens in new tab) claiming that they're looking to push NoDo update out for customers on April 5th, which is today. Long and behold folk are begining to announce (opens in new tab) they're updating and we've had a reader tip us that he's received the update notification and is updating his device too. Seems o2 held their word and all WP7 users on o2 UK should begin to receive the notification from today onwards.

Have you received the update notification on o2 yet?

Thanks StaticPlaya for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • reciceved the update, but didnt get the notification and zune said i was upto date, so tried the WPC posted a last week, where u get it to check for an update and then cut the internet off after 3 seconds. It then showed up and i now have the update :D its super fast!
  • I got my O2 update as scheduled as soon as I docked the phone. It took forever but I was pleased to see the restore point in Zune desktop settings.Funny thing is the day before, I force updated via the Chevron tool, which btw was quicker, but was surprised the official update went ahead without breaking anything....apart from setting my time to May 1980I suggest folks go through with the official update when it comes round so you can benefit from the restore point.I'm partially pleased, but my Bluetooth issue wasn't fixed by NoDo.
  • Got notification via Zune yeterday (7pm UK time). Although I had very few apps (about 6)the process took a lot longer than the 24 minutes. Hopefully the next update wont be held back by O2's 'testing'.
  • just got the notification on my phone, im updating now. o2DE