Oculus keynote reveals native apps will arrive on Windows Phone

It looks like Oculus may be supporting native apps for its platform. In a keynote presentation, Oculus had shown off a slide revealing that native apps will be coming to Apple's iOS, Google's Android, and Microsoft's Windows Phone.

No additional details were given about the coming support for native apps for Oculus coming to Windows Phone, but when this happen, would you be excited at seeing more content coming? Let us know what your thoughts are.

Source: Reddit

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  • I never touched an Occulus before but how exactly would it connect to a Windows Phone let alone a mobile device? I thought that it was HDMI powered...
  • Cool name!
  • But what is Oculus?
  • +1
    Shame the author of the article didn't care to explain.
  • Thx for the support :)
  • Typical of wpcentral.  "Hey, xyz company is now supporting windows phone.  What do you think?"
  • Oculus have made the Oculas Rift, which is a virtual Reality headset (some game youtubers use it)
  • Thank you!
  • You could have just Bing'd it.
  • Could...
  • Yes, and the article author could have as well. The article is incomplete. But the author is new, and I expect will only get better as time goes on.
  • I really want to become an author, too... Does anybody know how you can become an author for WPCentral?
  • It's just like any other job. You give out your resume and cover letter explaining why you should be an author for WPCentral, where you send it however I imagine it's at Mobile Nation and not WPCentral itself.
  • I really don't get you guys. They don't need to rehash every story about the Oculus just because you haven't been keeping up with tech news. Perhaps we'll also have to explain what facebook is.
  • No need to explain something as widely known and understood as Facebook, but Oculus?  Come on.  If you stopped 100 people on the street and asked them about Oculus, how many do you think have ever even heard of it?   The article certainly should have given at least a basic overview of their product.
  • It's not really a big deal, get over it.
  • You're right, it's not a big deal.  And normally I wouldn't even have bothered to comment on it, but I've seen this kind of poor writing on wpcentral before, and together with the constant typos and grammatical errors, I don't think it's a bad idea to criticize them once in a while.
  • Also what would really be the point? A gimmick
    Mobile Gaming
    What's the market for
  • Probably with Miracast.  Most Lumia's are miracast ready
  • No, there's way too much lag with Miracast. I bought the reciever for my tv thinking I could do big screen gaming from my phone, boy was that a disapointment.
  • I had the same issue then I went inti my router settings and put Wireless-g...MUCH better.
  • Or how would a phone render anything remotely complex at 1080p@75 FPS... Or how would it be powered... Etc., etc. The actual usage is the last thing I'm worried about. Douchebags wandering around with their nose in their phone, bumping into everything and walking super slow holding everyone up is hardly a new thing. At least with this you'd be able to spot them a whole lot quicker. :P
  • Google vr didn't need HDMI.
  • That's because Google's was cardboard
  • I too am curious about this. Also when the heck is this thing coming out already?!
  • Yay! Can't wait to see what they have in the works. I just hope it's not by the guys who did the facebook app
  • lol tell me about it, Facebook just needs some group of Indian developers. they'd make it superior!
  • If that's true, then why don't the make their own facebook?...and have it be superior?
  • If you please, list some "superior" apps, I would love to know what criteria are needed to fulfill your "superior"
  • just check out all Nokia camera apps, proshot, IMDB, camscanner, mytube, fotor, ooVoo, MixRadio, realarm, WhatsApp, UCbrowser and the app I'm using right now...
    most were developed by Indians.
  • Last time I checked UC Browser was developed by Chinese folks not Indians. Get your nationalist out of here!
  • get yourself sunglasses buddy..i said most :)
  • Really huh. Most huh.   Which? None huh?
  • The current Facebook app sucks
  • Facebook app suck eggs!
  • Facebook sucks monkey balls period, not just the app.
  • ^ this
  • Everyone. Please complain TO Facebook. There is ZERO point moaning on comments here the FB team won't ever see them. Be vocal to Facebook via social media. It's the only way the app will improve. Go direct to the boss.
  • actually, it's a matter of developers.
    Facebook don't have their own developers for every app they publish. every OS though have their group of developers to support the consumers.
  • Oculus keynote reveals native apps will arrive on all three major platforms.
  • I need more than "native app" to know what the point and purpose would even be behind hooking my phone up to this and looking like a moron in public would be. Just because it's native doesn't mean it's awesome.
  • cant see the point either ! fine with xbox, but phone i dont get..
  • What kind of an idiot would use oculus in public?
  • You've got to be kidding me. I've been further even more decided to use even go need to do look more as anyone can. Can you really be far even as decided half as much to use go wish for that? My guess is that when one really been far even as decided once to use even go want, it is then that he has really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like. It's just common sense.
  • Um...what?
  • Lol I read this comment 3 times silently and once aloud and I have no idea what you are saying
  • Have you been using Google translate :P
  • I thought Google translate too
  • Ok i went and translated it to more or less everything in Google translate and back to English in Bing... It makes way more sense in Veitnamese, Hindi and Korean... Chineese isn't to clear but every other language gives the exact same result... So its Asian of origin... I could go and compair sentences to try get a full comment but i've already gone further than i thought i should haha... Veitnamese: You've got to be kidding me. I've continued even more decided to use even go need to do looks like anyone can. Can you really be far even as decided half the weight used to look forward to it? My guess is that when a person is really far even as decided to use even go want, it is then that he is really far even as decided to use even go want to do look like. That's just common sense Korean: You are a joke. I should be more concerned about being able to have more people decided to try to go. You really have to go that far you wish to use, as long as decisions could be cut in half? I also want to use once the decision has been really far away, when I want to like more decided to use was that he really is that far away. Just common sense Hindi: You got to be kidding me. I more than anyone can do it and see what needs to be done has also decided to use. Do you really wish to go so far to use that as much as half of the decision be? My guess would be to use even once decided as a lot have been far too, it'd look like also decided to use as he really is far too that was then. It is just common sense
  • This post is even better then the article itself xD hahaha :)) what a great morning it is
  • Yea, I had to laugh at this post after I read it twice
  • My head hurts.
  • I'm going to give it a shot and assume things here; I think he says it would be great to use it on the go and someone shouldn't care how they look like while using it. Because if you decide to use it then you probably are a type of person who doesn't care how he/she looks in public.
  • Wow, you're pretty good at that. It's dangerous to go alone, please take this upvote.
  • Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
  • Who would use this in public? This is something you would use at home, well at least I would.
  • Windows Phone is already a giant! It only takes users to buy it and make its share increase, and make ALL developers produce apps to the platform. :D
  • Who cares.
  • i'm guessing it's a content marketplace system where you use the app to view and demo/buy titles, then play them on your Oculus Rift system. Good play by Oculus.
  • Yep, it's for Oculus Share (now called Platform).
  • What's occulus
  • Horror movie, and some app
  • Yeah, it was hoping the article would tell me that. I guess I'll have to Google it.
  • You mean Bing it ? ;)
  • +1
  • A sex toy.
  • must.not.say.it!
  • A great horror movie. That's all I know...
  • Interesting. Though I'm I don't have much idea what's the practical use of VR headset to mobile devices but awesome opportunity for developers to play with. Another thing since it will support WP, it may support RT as well, if they use the Universal App framework. Looks like the future of WinRT are beginning to realize.
  • Mobile cinema cloud be one with now at days 720 and 1080p with Dolby sound on Windows Phones.
  • Only thing missing is affordable data plans
  • Even though that Microsoft and Nokia support MHL yet no windows phone have HDMI output.
  • Don't forget.  Soon windows phones and tablets will be running the same operating system and tablets will have HDMI.
  • Wish ms bought oculus instead of mojang...
  • Facebook beat everyone to it kiddo, months ago. My friend who is a tech geek says she wont be buying an oculous because facebook got it, afraid that it will require fb login "bullshit"
  • When did anything facebook has bought required a facebook log in?
  • If they really wanted a good studio they should've bought maxis.
  • How will this work? Is this for using Oculus for WP games or does the phone have some additional functionality? Either way, sounds awesome.
  • I'm so glad google didn't buy them. Thank you FB?
  • Reddit news lol
  • It'll come 6 months after ios and android.
  • Just another fad like 3d
  • Far from it, this will jump start virtual reality hardware. The use is unlimited.
  • My guess is it is coming to Windows, not Windows phone ;-) Threshold
  • Still not interested in occulus
  • For what its worth, they just show the Windows logo, if doesn't actually say Windows Phone. So maybe just for all of Windows (universal app?).
  • There is a mobile phone right over the Windows logo.
  • Is there any Oculus porn?
  • To caiethey
  • Choung... You never publish an article like this assuming that everyone knows what the product is... In the future please explain what the service is, and what it does....
  • Just got my hands on the iPhone 6, and I have to admit that's the best piece of hardware I've ever gel in my hand... It is solid, and unbelievably thin.. Apple is amazing for that.. This girl at the airport had one, and I thought it was a 925,, it's really similar to a 925.. As a matter of fact, that thing could pass for a "935".. Anyways, it was amazing, and sets the bar extremely high as far as built quality, design, and craftsmanship is concerned... Now, I see what the hype is about... WP fans should appreciate this kind of quality.....
    And, I was wrong.. It's not ugly at all.. It's amazing.. It looks better in person than it does in pictures..
  • It's just how Michael Fischer described it in his unboxing on Pocketnow: It's all about the feels. Personally, the design itself (especially in the back) isn't very inspiring, although undeniably of excellent quality, as to expect from Apple. However, my opinion may change once I get hold of one. My cousin is un the US and is bringing my Mum an iPhone 6. Then, she'll of course need my help setting things up, and I will be able to get my hands on it. I'm not a big fan of very thin phones, but we'll see. To be continued...
  • Yes.. It's amazingly thin.. It really looks like a new 925.. As a matter of fact it's so thin I almost had trouble holding it.. This is good because with a nice case it would be perfectly thin.. I can't believe it's possible for these devices to do what they do at that thickness... I wonder how that 830 compares to the thickness of the iP6.
  • +1
  • Current mobile hardware can't handle a decent VR experience, its destined to end on gaming PCs, current game consoles may have enough oomph but it wont last long
  • Yeah Samsung Gear VR.
  • Vaporware
  • Can I use this while driving? :P
  • Shure, imagine what you could so with it. You could actually look around by moving your grad and eaven meassure distances because it's 3D. Wouldn't that be a great advantage over just an ordenary car?
  • facebook do own oculus now and microsoft has ties with facebook.  not just that but facebook also want their name on every phone. 
  • Metro UI takes over the world.
  • i really wish microsoft starts chasing every damn new tech like this, wearables, things like google glass, VR headsets etc etc, it would be great to see the company i support trying to own the market in every category
  • A whole lot of negative comments from almost no information...
  • I know, it's crazy. Everyone here want's Windows Phone to be supported in cool new stuff that comes out, and then when they find out it IS, they're unhappy about it anyways. 
  • Go figure...
  • good job, guy thank you for the topic :)
  • Everytime I see the oculus or anything similar I get reminded of swordart online and a few other animes cant remember from the top of my head. This will be a major boost for wp and I'm hoping they will launch all apps at the same time.
  • Who?
  • VR on windows phone? YEAH BABY
  • would you care to enlighten us in your article on what this oculus is?????
  • Oculus mind control tool!! You are being brainwashed!!!
  • Great to see if it comes to WP same time as other platforms.
  • I dunno about this oculus thing. We are constantly told flashing images on a screen can cause seizures so from what I've read you have two screens basically an inch away from your eyeballs. Sounds likea recipe for disaster to me
  • It's actually one screen. Also seizure causing content has nothing to do with how close or how large a screen is.
  • I love how everyone is assuming these apps will bring vr to Windows phone/rt when in fact Windows store doesn't even allow Oculus support. These will be similar to the steam app on Android, which allows users to browse the store and manage there library.
  • MS would add support in it's next update, probably W9.
  • I think that it's WINDOWS logo there, not Windows Phone...
  • Yesss!