Office Insiders gain new cartoons in September 2021 Mac preview build

Macbook Pro Touch Bar Hero
Macbook Pro Touch Bar Hero (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Office Insiders can look forward to new cartoon functionalities in the latest Mac preview build.
  • The build is 16.53.21090101.
  • You can now better express yourself in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Feeling a lack of creativity when you assemble your PowerPoint presentations, Excel sheets, and Word docs? Wish you could stick a few fun, cartoony faces in there to liven things up and make that accounting spreadsheet a bit less dry? Well, Office Insiders utilizing the latest Mac preview build (16.53.21090101) can now enjoy all the cartooning they want.

As posted in Microsoft's release notes for the September 2, 2021 Mac Current Channel (preview) build, cartoon people are here to add some zest to the Office experience.

We continue to add to the large library of rich media available in Office apps. The latest addition is Cartoon People illustrations—a fun way to enhance your Office creations using a diverse set of characters and scenery. Just go to Insert > Icons > Cartoon People to select the desired pieces to create your character, then click the Insert button to place the illustration on the canvas in your favorite app.

Microsoft Cartoons

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

On the off chance you don't care about cartoons, there's a lot more in this preview build. There's a "powerful new LAMBDA function" in Excel along with a data importation Power Query feature. Flipgrid video support for PowerPoint is also on the menu for this month's improvements, as are voice dictation commands in Outlook and the account rule management feature.

In short, there's a good deal of new stuff for Mac-based Office Insiders, so long as they're interested in cartoons, LAMBDA functions, or account rule management. Do you plan on utilizing these new features?

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