Office Lens for Windows 10 now available for PC, Mobile and even HoloLens

Microsoft has now confirmed that the recently launched Office Lens app for Windows 10 is now available a true universal app and can be used with Windows 10 PCs and the Microsoft HoloLens headset, along with Windows 10 Mobile smartphones.

When the Windows 10 Office Lens app launched earlier this week, it only worked with Windows 10 Mobile, even though it was supposed to be a UWP app. Now Microsoft has corrected this issue. That means that Windows 10 tablets and laptops can use their cameras with the app to take pictures of documents, images and more and save them to OneNote, along with converting them to PDFs, Word and PowerPoint files. It can even be used on the HoloLens headset.

Download Office Lens from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: Office Lens

John Callaham
  • Always good to know
  • already using it but complaining about lack of translucent tile. Unfortunately windows 10 mobile will never be popular if it looks like a stitched up plaid shirt with half translucent, half regular.
  • I think that is literally the least of Mobile's issues at this time.
  • Of course, but it's so easy to solve for MS to make all their apps use these tiles yet they don't do it. I use a third party app for a bunch of tiles called see-through tiles but 3rd party links will never support live tiles for those that want them.
  • Everyone messes up with tiles. Even Microsoft. ​The large tile of the weather app is the only usefull tile I use on my Windows 10 desktop. For some reason it stopped working 2 weeks ago. After checking store reviews and the feedback hub it seems everyone who uses a large tile has this problem. This problematic live tile thingie has been going on since Windows 8.0
  • the weather tile fix on  14339.105. now all size work
  • Release preview ring?
  • yes forgot that part
  • Deployed the CAB files manually. I have the right build now. Still broken. What is your Weather version number?
  • None of the office apps have transluscent tiles. It remains consistent with office since they rely on color to identify their apps. I find the consistency good.  I can create small tiles, group them together, and don't have to worry about not seeing details in the icons. The color gives it away and makes it easily identifiable.
  • They don't rely on color to identify their apps. In fact, if you look at their twitter posts often they just use the full icon set on one red color and yet all the icons are easily identifiable as the logo for that particular app. The same goes with the apple logo, they changed the color to be gray, but everyone knows it's still the apple logo that used to be a rainbow color. If you use color to identify your logo then you are not designing properly. Color blind people can no longer identify the app. Seniors using high contrast mode can no longer either. Seriously put your windows mobile into high contrast mode. Can you still identify excel, office lens and word?
  • @Krystianpants: color is still very important. Look at UPS and the color brown. And Microsoft *definitely* has a color consistency thing going on with their Office apps. The coloring is one of the most noticeable aesthetic changes made between Office 2013 and 2016.
  • Another solution also would be to allow the logo to have color not just white and still let the tile be transparent. This way it would look like icons. Although it would be a setting. In this case UPS would still be brown just the tile background would disappear. Still the start screen isn't there to advertise. It's for people who know what apps they are using and konw the logos regardless of color. Look at the Line logo which is green, looks great transparent. Skype preview looks great transparent. It's still identifiable quite easily. Get the app called See-through tiles and tell me the office tiles do not look great transparent.
  •   It is branding and I doubt it will change. The MSN app recently got colored titlebars and do not foloow the accent color anymore. Same with Facebook and Twitter. Most people style their apps, titles, titlesbars like the brand. The brand is important these days, not consistency. That is why things like social stuff in the people app went away too, because the brand isn't forefront anymore when you are being OS consistent. Everyone is doing it these days. Google apps on iOS are full material design too and are among the most downloaded in the store. Chrome uses it own UI elements and colors on Mac and Windows. ITunes for Windows looks like some OSX program etc      
  • Thanks for the app, too bad we have to resort to these dirty workarounds.
  • But isn't that the beauty of windows mobile I don't see the problem
  • No because translucency allows you to actually have a beautiful and elegant start screen and these non-translucent tiles ruin it. It's the translucency that my friends think is great but they hate the colorful childish and choatic version. And they say that they will never get a windows phone until that is solved. Again you like it because you are part of the niche audience, the small market share. Most people don't share your view on the ui. It's windows 10 and translucency that started getting people I know interested because it looked nice. But there's still no design guidelines or rules. IOS apps look great because they have rules and guidelines. Apple rejects apps that don't fit those rules.
  • Seriously, if lack of translucency on all tiles is all that is holding your friends back from Windows 10/Mobile, then they really have no intention of trying it. Ultimately translucent vs. color tiles is a personal preference, one that many app developers solve by giving their users the option of choosing which style they prefer.
  • It's not the only thing. But it's the translucency that made them actually see windows as a viable OS because they now had a nice start screen to look at and configure how they please. Part of that is the minimal look that can be achieved by putting translucency to 100% and having just icons. The non-translucent tiles ruin that.
  • It's seems very trivial. If they can't stand tiles with solid colours, you don't have to put them on the start screen. Just swipe left will bring the app list.
  • As I said before I got the 950XL because of windows 10 start screen. It's the only thing that keeps me on the mobile device. I knew it was still early on and apps weren't being updated to windows 10 yet. But now they are and I still can't pin my most used apps because of this issue. It's enough that if it's not fixed I will not stay on windows 10 mobile. Considering it's the only feature that keeps me on it.
  • I find all that completely distracting and it takes away from the clean look of live tiles.  But then, so much of Windows Phone/Mobile has been puked on to make it more like horrible Android, there's not much left, really, to care about.
  • I'll never understand why people who do not like Windows 10 Mobile continue to post on and respond to topics about Windows 10 Mobile. Seems like a waste of time and energy to constantly talk about something you are not interested in.
  • Well, for some it IS one of the biggest issues. I couldn't care less about almost everything that current Windows-doomsdayers are saying, but not being able to have a start screen the way I want it, or having it ruined by a crappy tile makes me quite mad.
  • Agreed. I wish all apps had the translucent tile. Phones are jewellery, we all want to customise and make our devices "ours". It's a big reason my work colleagues like Android, the customisation. This to me is way morei important than say gapless music playback or a zune like media player people whine so hard for. A beautiful start screen should be possible. 
  • Daniel has a shirt exactly like that... and you just crushed his heart.
  • Pfff, assumes I have a heart ;)
  • Hey daniel u hv a hololens. I am really curious to c hw this app will be used on a hololens. Plz make a video using it on your hololens. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • love to hear that too
  • Down votes notwithstanding, this is an excellent point IMHO.  For those who like the effect of a background on transparent tiles, and I'm one of them, opaque tiles really ruin the look of the start screen.   I think Microsoft needs to do two things with the tiles on Mobile: (1) Have a transparent version of the tile for all their apps, and make it really easy for developers to create and add one to their apps; (2) Enable turning off live tiles, like they do for PC.  
  • It's the windows 10 start screen that really made me buy the 950 XL. It was still early so i thought they would get it all together by now. But honestly this is still a huge problem and my next phone will not be a windows 10 mobile device if they don't fix it. Start screen is what keeps me on windows mobile despite the apps. But it is just getting more and more frustrating that I can't pin all the apps I want pinned.
  • I absolutely love Windows Mobile/Phone and there's no way I could be as productive if I put my SIM card in another one of my devices. That being said, I have to agree with you. Microsoft REQUIRES devs to include a logo file in their app. To make a transparent/translucent live tile, the ONLY requirement is having a separate logo... I don't understand why Microsoft doesn't REQUIRE devs to give people the option between opaque/translucent/transparent. It's just such a simple thing to incorporate, and literally everybody gets what they want...
  • I use this all the time on Android. ​What is bothering me though: is it possible to scan 15 pages in one session and compile one document instead of manually putting page per page together? ​Now I have to use the scanner from Google Drive to do that.
  • Yeah, office lens for Windows Phone/10M/4P is still more feature rich than the Android version (I can't speak to the iOS version). It is something that should be promoted in a positive way ;)  
  • I find it useful to be 1 page only, the reason for that is that the OCR conversion is not perfect so I always have master document and for each page converted y copy the results on master document  and is more productive in that way for me when scanning multiple images with text
  • Does Translate work with HoloLens? In other words, of I look at a sign, or sheet of paper, in a foreign language, does it superimpose my native language over it?
  • My problem with it? IT'S NOT A LENS. You can't access it from the camera app like other lens.  Another broken promise from Microsoft.
  • Lenses are a failed concept. Pure and simple. I get it, you're into things that the market has spoken on as not wanting e.g. Kinect gestures and now Lenses. Perhaps the issue here is your preferences are out of step with the general public?
  • Well many here would argue that the public's embrace of ios and android is misplaced, I don't think a concept loses its usefulness just because others don't see the value. Might as well argue why Windows mobile still exists since the public has chosen ios and android.
  • I guess I do not share why you would want it as a lens in the Camera App.  I see this totally separate from taking an actual picture and the last place I would think of is opening the camera app to use the features that this app offers.  But to each their own.
  • This is the most useful app I own. I rarely use but when I need it, there is no substitute
  • Well. Had tried this and camscanner. For me camscanner is better.
  • One of the main things I want this for is pulling text out of images with OCR. This is for a couple reasons: I hate retyping something that has already been written up (even though I type quickly) and I have vision problems that make seeing text-as-images difficult (you can't increase size without making it fuzzy). But I find that the OCR features on Photo Scan are more convenient than having to save the image to Word to get a sorta-decent text export.
  • Oh, and for situations on mobile where you can't copy and paste in apps like settings or WC. I use screenshot -> photo scan -> copy the relevant section.
  • It does OCR when you convert to Word document, its not perfect but is pretty cool tech that you have in your smartphone. I use the Android version since I don't have Windows Mobile device.
  • probably one of the coolest things ever to scan a document on holo lens via office lens...
  • This is really cool, I'll try this app on my Windows 10 laptop to do image import from my Android smartphone into my PC and try OCR conversion , since my Sony Xperia M4 Aqua phone takes too much too convert a small text when using the OCR functionality
  • I've used Office Lens for a while now on my Windows Phones. Mostly to take photos of whiteboards and then translate that to a Word document. I just downloaded this to my desktop, held up a recipe for a vinaigrette my wife gave me, took the photo (and thus as a consequence also demonstrating that my Web Cam still works after the recent Windows 10 Anniversary Update), but when I got to try and convert it to a Word document I wasn't sure what to do. It might be in this app, but I wasn't able to discover how to do that. Can anyone help me with this, please?