Office Mobile 6.1 Coming Soon

An update to Office Mobile, which will finally add full support for the latest file formats from the desktop version of office, is coming soon. It was actually available briefly, due to a little mixup:

On his blog, Langridge discussed the upcoming release of Office Mobile 6.1 which was perfectly acceptable, except he said that it was currently available and provided a working link. The link's public availability was a complete accident as it was only intended for internal testing, and Langridge ended up having to remove it on Thursday evening.

Read: Office Mobile 6.1 coming soon

That's the way of things with blogging, sometimes. No worries, Landridge, we've all been guilty of hitting the "post" button a little too quickly. We're all looking forward to the update, it was announced back in June that it will be available for both WM5 and WM6 and it will be free.

WC Staff