New Office Mobile for WM5, WM6

I didn't really expect anything important to happen at the Computex Conference in Taiwan, but Microsoft's Windows Mobile division is apparently just too prolific to let a conference slide by without giving us something to want. First they came through with the patched WMDC and now this: the unwired is reporting that the next version of Office for WM will be available *for free* in Q3 for all WM5 and WM6 devices.

It will include support for the new XML document format, which means it will only be 6 months behind DocsToGo. The unwired also speculates TIFF support will be included as a part of a new ability to receives faxes on your smartphone.

As expected, the updated Office Mobile version (the name isn't clear yet - some sources say Office Mobile 2006 while others say Office Mobile 2007) will allow Windows Mobile devices to open documents created with the new Office 2007 XML formats.

Read: the::unwired - UPDATE: Office Mobile Update comes to Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6

WC Staff