Official 6.1 ROM released for Verizon XV6900

We saw a Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM leak for the Verizon XV6900 — that's the Touch — a couple of months ago, and now it looks like a new (and more official) ROM has been made available. PCDPhones (used to be part of UTStarcom) has the new release. [via]

Here's what you're getting:

  • Upgraded OS to Windows Mobile 6.1
  • Added EVDO Rev A capability
  • Updated the MMS client to be compatible with WM 6.1
  • Added Microsoft Remote Desktop Application
  • Added capability to use VzNavigator application.
  • Added capability to read micro SD card of up to 16GB memory.

Go snag it here. And let us know how the GPS holds up after the update. (And we've said it before, and we'll keep on sayin' it: Back up your data first!)

Phil Nickinson

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