Place your bets! Official Betfred Lotto app launches on Windows 8

Betfred Lotto ( is an addictive gambling experience, which has just launched on Windows 8. From the UK bookmaker Betfred, this official app opens up access to a wide variety of lotto draws, including the UK, Irish, Euromillios and 49's. Should you be a fan of placing the odd bet or two to see if you've got the lucky charm to win, you may wish to check out Betfred Lotto for your tablet and PC.

It's a rather important release for Microsoft here in the UK, simply because the company will now be able to leverage other bookmakers for respective official apps. The Betfred Lotto app itself sports a unique and rather vibrant UI, including the ability for players to go with a lucky dip and select multiple bet types. You'll need to have an account to get started, but luckily this can be started within the app.

To keep the player in the loop, Betfred Lotto includes a comprehensive results section, which includes details on outcomes of all the latest draws, as well as a back catalogue of results for every day in the past 12 months. There are also favourites included, just in case you place a bet on a specific lottery and wish to save that line of numbers for future draws.

Betfred Lotto

It's a perfect offering for those who enjoy placing bets on lotto draws. Here are some highlighted features from the store listing:

  • Countdown to the latest draws
  • Themed lotto pages
  • Three different ways to pick lotto numbers, including a lucky dip
  • View lotto results for the last 12 months
  • Save favourite numbers to bet on easily next time
  • Customise favourite numbers
  • Check the latest lotto results against saved favourites

We must urge caution, however. Betfred is an actual bookmaker and this is real gambling, folks. Please play responsibly. You can download Betfred Lotto from the Windows Store. We understand that a Windows Phone version of this app is in the works.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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