Pretty sweet deal if you have a Brother printer on hand. The company has just put out an official app that will make your phone way more useful to use. Their app, clumsily called 'iPrint&Scan' does what it says: it allows you to print from your phone to your Brother printer as well as scan documents/photos back to your phone--that's pretty darn sweet, if you ask us. It's all done via your WiFi network and you better have a compatible printer to go with it.

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  • Easy to use menu.
  • Simple steps to print your favorite photos.
  • Print photos directly from your Windows Phone 7 camera.
  • Scan directly to your Windows Phone 7 device.
  • Save scanned images to your Windows Phone 7 device.
  • No computer and no driver required.

We're kind of jealous we don't have this set up just to give it a go, because we can imagine a few scenarios where this would be helpful. The app is of course free and can be found here in the Marketplace. Thanks, jhelvie, for the tip