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Official DC UNIVERSE app coming to Xbox One in April

For those looking to get all their DC UNIVERSE content on the Xbox One, it seems like the company is listening. The recently launched service, which is akin to the forthcoming Disney+, brings new original series like Titans, Young Justice: Outsiders and Doom Patrol right to your TV.

The service, which officially launched on September 15, 2018, is also available on iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, the web, and mobile web.

Besides shows, DC UNIVERSE also brings numerous other features for fans of the comic house, including:

  • WATCH exclusive originals and classic favorites;
  • READ a massive digital comics library with more than 20,000 titles;
  • CONNECT with the DC community;
  • EXPLORE the latest breaking news with DC Daily, the ultimate news show for DC Fans and the ever-expanding DC encyclopedia;
  • WIN premium rewards and participate in sweepstakes and contests;
  • SHOP for exclusive merchandise.

Later this summer, DC UNIVERSE is also launching Swamp Thing (premiering on May 31), Harley Quinn and Stargirl.

A subscription to DC UNIVERSE is $7.99 per month or $74.99 annually (plus taxes, where applicable), which falls in line with other similar streaming options dedicated to a single property.

For more information about the DC UNIVERSE subscription as well as previews of its original content head to for more info.

No word on the exact day of the launch, but usually these new apps show up within a few days of the announcement.


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  • Finally!!! It's too bad they didn't announce an app for Windows, though.
  • To be fair, there is a web version and that's probably the stopgap for now until I imagine they publish a PWA version to the store for Windows 10.
  • Wow, all the fans of DC movies will now be able to relive the special moments on their Xbox. Rejoice, 38 people!
  • Well, maybe 39, I already have a yearly subscription! ;-) I mean, your trolling is showing: there's tons of content on there from TV shows and tons of comics. I've already read some "classics." There's more to DC than the movies, even though Wonder Woman, Auqaman, and Shazam are fantastic movies, not to mention Nolan's Batman Trilogy, but again, thanks for trolling.
  • Exactly, Doom Patrol is worth the fee alone, hoping even more content is even better
  • They are still trying to make Stargirl happen? I admire their tenacity.
  • It is about effing time! I've had so many complaints and tickets into them for their chromecast implementation. Anyone know an exact date?