Official 'Find Me Coffee' app ported over from iOS for Windows Phone 8

Another day, another popular app lands on Windows Phone 8. In this case it’s Find Me Coffee (, which has become the go to site for finding, well, you guessed it, coffee. The service is considered to be one of the largest databases in the world for coffee joints and users can sort by other criteria like if it is open 24 hours, has Wi-Fi or even seats.

The app has been on iOS (opens in new tab) and Android for quite some time but now the company has brought it over to Windows Phone 8 (they’re even advertising it on their site, natch).

Now some users will note that even though they flattened some of the icons for the most part this is an iOS port. For some of you, you’ll pick up your pitchforks, but we’re not as dogmatic when it comes to UI design and occasionally we like to have something that stands out. Plus some companies prefer to have their image and brand consistent across platforms for consumer familiarity. 

Sure, it would have been nice to have a completely re-designed app for Windows Phone 8 but then again perhaps the company did not want to spend the money. That’s something to keep in mind: would you rather have an iOS port (that still looks great) or nothing at all? We’ll take the former. (Also think of your average consumer switching from iOS and Android and see if they care).

Regardless of how it looks, the app performs well. It’s fast to load and is a must-have app if traveling around the city. It also sports a double-wide Tile and the graphics are quite sharp. While it doesn’t have any advanced Windows Phone 8 functionality like TellMe integration, we’re just happy to see the app here and working well.

You can pick up Find Me Coffee for Windows Phone 8 for free (ad-supported) here in the Store.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Wp is gonna be the next big thing if the apps keep comin ^.^
  • I really hope so! :-)
  • Little too late on that
  • Its not apps are the only thing wp needs
  • Sounds like something Apple users used to say about ported PC games. 
  • I love WP8, finally!
  • I would rather have full effort in a app but at least we have it.
  • Gradually getting there, this is why I've been a supporter since day 1
  • No truer word have ever been spoken.
    I am a coffee addict. I hope my wife doesn't see this app on my phone. She's already giving me the SMH move anytime I talk about trying a new brand.
  • Port instagram then
  • You don't really think the hold up with Instagram is technical difficulties, do you? That's 100% political (negotiations, money, revenue, etc.).
  • I say its coming in may like the leak said... It sorta makes sense that temple run 2 is on the way around that time. It could be both the app and money problems
  • It's developer prejudice.
  • Can someone explain ot me the purpose of having an app like this vs using foursquare or local scout? Not trolling, seriously asking.
  • This is dedicated to coffee, dedicated apps can always provide you with more detailed information. Though, most people probably don't need those details.
  • Less steps. The ability to filter results by 24 hours, availability of Wi-Fi or food is useful and it's a "too the point app". It's also about branding. I'm waaay more likely to use an app called "Find Me Coffee" on my Start screen than to remember that I can lookup things on Foursquare. Foursquare, despite their effort, is not associated yet with establishment finding. Sure, you can use it for that but it's still a kludge, imo.
  • Local Scout data is horrible. Don't even mention that app to me.
  • not to mention that they haven't enabled any of the "cool" search features anywhere but the US. Canada is right here. it's less than a 2-hour drive from fuckin bellvue. Thanks guys.
  • I talk to so many people I work with in a professional setting that want a windows phone simply for the familiarity of having office on the pc/laptop and office on the phone with the SkyDrive integration. Now when they see they can also have the fun apps is the limit...assuming windows can regain all that lost ground.
  • Ah, yeah...but it the fun apps are just ports from other platforms and not "metro-ized" versions, then what exactly is the advantage of moving to WP?
  • Simple, the vast majority of our apps on Windows Phone are not ports. It's a specious argument.  I'm not even sure what I'd place the number at (for official apps)...1 out of 50? 1 out of 100? They're a tiny minority and it's so insignificant that it's hardly worth mentioning. And this is a v1 of the app. Presumably the company can take it further later on and add WP8 specific features, so long as they see a positive response.
  • The fundamental advantages of Windows Phone over iOS/Android: Beautiful typography, panorama apps, Live Tiles, Office integration, XBox Live, XBox Music Pass, ability to pin deep content as a tile(a map, a contact, a stock symbol) to the start screen, a separate app list, Kids Corner, Rooms. Highlight what makes Windows Phone unique.
  • Finally i love my Nokia lumia 620
  • I don't mind ports as much if they're well done like this one. Lightning fast, smooth and full functionality. Maybe if it gets enough downloads they'll update it with a more modern UI.
  • I hate coffee, can't see how people can drink that crap. That's more of an acquired taste than beer, I hate beer to!
  • Wow no beer no coffee, I couldn't live without both lol
  • Sounds like a cool app, however, living in the coffee Mecca of the world, (Seattle) all one needs to to do is look directly in front of you to find coffee.
  • Can't stand "Anglo-Saxon" coffee, I mean, I kid you not, those mugs you drink are... idk... Boring. But, hey, it's cultural, no judging here.
  • Coffee for life! This app, is funny. Seriously, McDonalds?! Lol. I love coffee, real coffee.
  • please dont say starcrap
  • McDonalds actually has pretty decent coffee, I'll take McDonalds coffee over Starbucks anyday of the week.
  • They probably have different coffee in different countries, to adapt to culture.
    But the coffee they have here (Sweden) is pretty good. Starbucks sells some kind of colored water that I don't really know what it is.
  • I do really dislike the iOS design language.  The biggest reason I decided to move to WP8 was because of it's design.  This kind of news is still a win though, the more apps we have the better, though my dream is that eventually all our apps use the WP8 design guidelines.  Coming from a degree in human computer interface design, Windows phone is really worlds ahead of iOS and Android in this regard.  I hope in the future that devs will consider following the WP design when first developing an app, and porting it to the other platforms instead of the other way around.  
  • This^^
  • Apps developers should start porting all IOS apps to WP asap
  • Just espresso for me
  • Nice app. Ports are OK to start with.
  • Don't mind a port. But I love all the apps we've been getting!
  • The Store is loaded with new and amazing apps. Familiar ones from IOS and Android have flooded in...yikes! I'm impressed!! Now who else is complaining of lack of apps? *big grin*
  • I am, I can't make the switch to WP because of a few apps that I just have to have, though most of them are confirmed to be under development for WP.
    But then I still can't make the switch because I miss a unified notification center, as well as separate volumes for alarm/media/etc.
  • I would prefer they take their time like Pandora did and do it right. Just my opinion.
  • I think it should coming out when Nokia announces the Lumia for Verizon. What a better way to announce a new flagship phone with big name app. Personally, I don't have any use for it but many other people, in millions, do.
  • This app was out for a LONG while!! It is a great one though
  • Please no one take this as an attack. I have and love my win 8 phone,surface and win8 desktop. I love when apps are released and install almost everyone. With that being said, regarding only third party apps, I only use 1% of my 300+ apps. I am picking on this app particular because it fits. I know where the coffee shops are, and if I am in a new city, the local scout works perfectly. Why do we need an app for functionality that our awesome phone has? IOS and android need 1000's of apps to do what win phones natively support.
  • I can see what you are saying. But try to think of it this way. We can do it natively, but in the event someone does not like the native way or finds its features insufficient for a certain task than we also can do it the same way as IOS and Android. It gives people multiple methods of doing a task without forcing a particular way on the user.
  • Because the native way only Works 100% in U.S.
  • Works perfect for me in Canada. If local doesn't work as desired, doing a search for coffee, will display results in the "local" area.
  • App is nice and gives good results. Just not feeling the iOS design. I hope they will develop a real WP8 app soon when they see a lot of ppl are using their app.
  • Bought my Omnia 7 on release back in 2010 and a Lumia 920 late last year on release, and I must say as a dedicated user of the platform, its coming along nicely. I think in 12 months time, WP could be the third established OS. hopefully this is the case! Great app by the way, will come in handy for sure. Great article Dan as always :)
  • Not a big coffee drinker, but holy cow does that app look incredibly good!
  • You can find coffee shops through city lens!
  • whats wrong with a ort if it works? This app seems fineallthough, it doesnt see the Peets coffee a block from me. Only crappy app i boaught and had to uninstall was WWF. sad really.
  • Yay!!! Coffee on demand!!!
  • Nice app. I'd rather pay for it because I hate ads spoiling the UI.
  • Should fast food really be in the results? Everybody knows where McDonalds is.
  • I tried this app (I am living in Austria) and the nearest shop it found was 8 km away in a shopping mall. I live in the centre of a medium sized city and am surrounded by nice coffee shops. "Every Coffee Shop in The World" should read "Every Coffee Shop in the USA"! Sorry but not everyone wants to find their nearest mega-franchise...
  • We and are users are working hard to add new coffee shops and to update existing coffee shops everywhere.  You can support your favourite coffee shops by suggesting them at and post a review saying why you like them.  It's true we have excellent coverage through most of North America we are doing pretty good in the biggest cities around the world and lots of new listings are being posted every day!