Official JunoWallet app brings survey deals to your Windows Phone

We’re going to say right off the bat that we’re not into the whole JunoWallet thing—but we do recognize many of you are, so it’s with that sense we’re glad to announce that they have a well polished app for Windows Phone now.

For those of you who don’t know, JunoWallet ( is a mobile service that brings “deals” to your phone. Basically you have to fill out surveys that then earn you credits.  Those credits will then allow you to redeem things like gift-cards and other items from the JunoWallet company.

It’s like the opposite of online anonymity. Instead of not wanting companies to track you, you’re embracing the system to earn free stuff. And we have heard of people making quite a bit of money off of these deals—basically just filling out forms all day.  Granted, you can fill out fake info and we suppose that could work too—like we said, we don’t do this stuff, so we’re not completely privy on all the ins and outs...

On to the app! The app itself is actually quite nice. You can login to your account or create a new one right then and there. In fact, we see no other way to create or manage your account online without using the app. The bad news is it has trouble with emails that have an underscore in, so it rejected ours and we had to use another.

Once in the app, you get a list of rewards via task or invites. The task is the survey/fill out forms one and there are two sub-categories: SponsorPay and RadiumOne (which didn’t work for us). From there, you can fill out your forms and get points for JunoWallet.

Later, you can redeem those points for gift-cards like an Xbox LIVE card with 1600 Microsoft Points, iTunes or Starbucks.  Thee’s also Macy’s , Nike, GameStop, eBay and more meaning if you milk the system right, you can get a ton of gift cards, saving you hundreds of dollars. Think of those coupon nuts that end up making money when they go food shopping and you get the idea.

Personally, we’re too busy and lazy to take part in such things but for those of you who want it, JunoWallet seems like a decent app for the service. It’s not very Metro, in fact it seems to be just a generic port of their app and there’s no Live Tile, which is lame. But for what it is, it seems to work well.

Pick up JunoWallet GiftCards here in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Thanks, Mohammad, for the tip

Daniel Rubino

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