Official Kobo Windows 8 app launches; Windows Phone version coming soon

Kobo (, the eReader and eBook giant, today announced the launch (or re-launch) of the official Windows 8 app. The company has brought across features from its own device line to Windows-based tablets, offering a complete solution for those who'd rather read digital content on their tablet or laptop and PC.

Just like the Kobo eReaders, the official Windows 8 app enables users to bookmark pages and pick up right where they ceased reading in the previous session. This data is synchronised with other devices and readers on the account, providing better mobility and even more ways to enjoy said content. Even fonts and text sizes can be altered to suit personal tastes.

Kobo App

If you're one to read in the dark before hitting the pillow, the night mode feature turns down the lighting for an easier experience, then you have both portrait and landscape modes. It's a perfect companion app for the array of 10-inch and 8-inch tablets available, which run Microsoft's Windows platform.

For content, users of the Kobo app have full access to the eBook store, which sports not only best-sellers, but new releases, comics and children's books. Since this is a Windows 8 app, we've got the usual exclusive features, including the ability to pin individual eBooks to the Start screen for more convenient access. Tiles can also be both resized and grouped for a more personalised layout.

Kobo for Windows Phone? Coming soon. Kobo has stated in a press release that an official app for the mobile platform will be released this spring. Similar features will be available for the Windows Phone version, including pinning tiles to the Start screen, synchronisation across the board, access to the eBook store and more. We'll keep and eye out and give you all a heads up when it's released.

For now, download Kobo from the Windows Store.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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