Official Man of Steel app exclusively available for Nokia Windows Phones

As fans eagerly await for the Warner Bros. film, Man of Steel to be released, they're now able to download the official app for Windows Phone. Nokia has struck yet another exclusive deal and Man of Steel is currently available on Lumia hardware only. So what's the app all about and should you be interested?

Short answer? Yes, most definitely. If you're not sure exactly what Man of Steel is all about, it's an upcoming film about the DC Comics character Superman. Users are able to enjoy media such as wallpapers, character information and an enjoyable interactive game that puts the player in control of flight. Four chapters with 40 game challenges can be beaten to unlock more than 40 rewards (we'll not spoil it for you).

But that's just the tip of the iceberg as the Man of Steel app for Windows Phone also allows movie fans to locate where the film is being shown in the local area, powered by Nokia's HERE Maps. Those who reside in the US and UK can then purchase tickets to go see the upcoming film. If you're that excited, a countdown timer is present.

App Man of Steel

Trailers can be viewed from within the app, along with biographies on all the stars featured in the film. The last notable feature of the Man of Steel app is the integration with the camera, offering up the possibility to capture shots of one's favourite background, which can have the Man of Steel "super-imposed" on it for interesting results.

Consumers can share unlocked rewards and photos with friends, utilising the built-in social functionality. Should you be an avid fan or slightly interested in such an app, you can download Man of Steel from the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone Store for free. Unfortunately, for the time being, the app is only available on Lumia hardware.

via: Nokia Conversations; Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

QR: Man of Steel

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  • Beastmode
  • Oh look, yet another app that won't see the light of day on any other Windows Phones outside Nokia!!!!
  • Yes I totally agree! Smh! I'm sick of this
  • Whatever choice you made is the choice you made. If weight was a factor, or color, or brand then its a choice you made. We all knew Nokia had exclusive apps. Stick with Samsung and HTC. You guys have exclusive apps too.. Ha ha people just dont care about them though. Ha ha go Nokia!
  • Nokia's offerings on non-ATT carriers were garbage.  Why do you have to be a dildo about it? 
  • Only if your wife uses me properly I'll be a dildo. I made a joke you throwing jabs so jab that
  • What a stud you are.  You are such a badass because of your brand of smartphone and superman wallpaper. 
  • Lol.. Stud. Naw and no and no, actually didn't download the app and probably won't. Go Nokia
  • If you really wanted a 920 that runs on whatever your carrier has, you could have gotten one as long as you were willing to pay for it. I bought my Rogers 920 straight out and i'm enjoying the perks of not having to stick with the carrier. For those who can't walk into a Rogers store with their money/credit card, theres always the internet...
    Heck, the difference in plan cost means it pays for itself in about a year of use, less than what a new contract is up here in Canuckistan.
  • You appear to be the stupid jerk agreeing with someone who's whining because the bought the wrong phone. Next time just ask me what to buy and you won't have to agree with a stupid decision.
  • I agree he shouldn't be a stupid jerk, but he's got a point.. And, its also your choice to not use at&T. The point is were you guys literally able to get a L920? Was the phone available for purchase in your area on whatever carrier? If it was and you didn't get it, for whatever reason, that was your choice. So, if you guys don't get a Nokia phone next time around are you still going to feel bad? Because, by then you should really know what you're getting into.. No excuses!
  • Lol so glad I got a 920!!
  • ...meaning, the vast majority of Windows Phone users aren't left out in the cold?
  • hahahha it's funny because it's true xD
  • Funny, from all the sales figures coming it seems Nokia users are the MAJORITY of Windows Phone users.
  • No, left with a CHOICE! And, it looks like the majority of WP users are on Nokia hardware now.. Haven't you seen the stats?
    So, for you what's it gonna be next time around?
  • 90% of the WP users can access the app .. :)
  • Right!! According to WPC Nokia holds the largest WP market share... These guys complaining is like not be happy about WP not having 700,000 apps, but to keep choosing to buy a WP device.. Its simple,, if 700k apps is that important to you than go with iDroid.. So, if they know that Nokia offers the ultimate WP experience then why do they complain when they knowingly choose otherwise??
  • I think because people like me on Verizon wanted a flagship phone at wp8 launch and only had the 8x to choose which imo is a solid phone, but, how were early adopters to know Nokia would have so many exclusive apps? Kinda sucks but that 928 looks good enough to bitch about my horrible battery life to Verizon in hopes of replacing my 8x or getting the 928 subsidized.
  • Nokia started having exclusive apps way back with their first WP7.5 devices. Its been know for a long time that they support their phones much more than the others do.. You may be an early adopter of WP8, but if you are an informed WP consumer then you would have known what you were getting into.. The NL800 came out way back in 2011, and this is the experience WP users have been having for years.. The funny thing is that for years people that continue to not choose a Nokia device still keep complaining, which makes no sense at all.. I learned my lesson with my Samsung Focus, and way back in 2011 I swore that I would get a Nokia and nothing else. I'm having the greatest experience ever with my beautiful exclusive red Nokia Lumia 920 that is smartphone of the year!! Now, if you're a huge WP fan, and you know that Nokia is making WP devices that are coined SPOTY, what phone are you going to get next time around?
  • I've went from an HTC Kaiser to a Samsung Omnia 7, then HTC 8x because I switched to Verizon and wanted a flagship. Although Nokia has been supporting wp8 for awhile I was hoping with the release of wp8 there would be more parity between manufacturer's. The 8X is still a great phone but, its now painfully obvious Nokia is THE premier OEM of WP8, once I find a buyer for the phone I will be switching to the 928 and Nokia for good.
  • Sounds like a good plan buddy!!! Ya know, I hope one day that we can look at other carriers how we see Nokia.. Don't get me wrong because I love the 8X! I took my GF to the store the other day to talk to them about getting her HTC OneX repaired. She walked off on her own to look at phones, and she came back and said "let me show you this phone that's really cool" I was surprised she took me strait to the 8X! I was like wow, you chose a WP.. She said "yeah I don't care about all that technical stuff you guys are talking about. This is the coolest feeling, and best looking phone in the store"" I told her that the 920 was nice, and that it was only $49 now. She said "I don't care, that's the one I want. I want that yellow phone. Besides, your phone is to heavy!""... So, I think that HTC definitely has potential if they give WP more attention.. Now Samsung? They're to wrapped up in this GS BS, and I can't blame them because it's bringing in the $$ for them.. But, everyone, including those who don't want to admit it, knows that HTC builds better devices than Samsung, so we're really lucky to have HTC on board.... We just need them to wake the fuck up for us.. Lol!
  • Hahahah that suck though, I'm with T-Mobile and plan on getting that CatWalk phone if it's really coming to T-Mobile.. I had no choice because I'm not settling for a lower spec phone when I don't have too on my provider so that's the reason I went with HTC 8X lol.. But never again will I buy that crap if they won't support the OS!
  • All the Nokia exclusives was a factor that played into which phone I got. I probably would have gotten a Nokia even without all the apps, but there were clear reasons why I went with them, and this kind of thing played a part.
  • If you use a Samsung or HTC phone then you should ask them to do their part and bring you the apps you want.. If you continue to choose a Samsung or HTC phone, and they don't give you what you want should switch to a Nokia phone.. If you don't want to switch to a Nokia phone then just be thankful for what you have because its your fault, or choice, you have a Samsung or HTC phone..
  • Is it exclusive to Lumia on Windows Phone (meaning there are Android and iOS versions) or is it exclusive to Lumias period (no Android or iOS version). I'm guessing the former but the latter would be a real coup by Nokia.
  • offtopic
    wpcentral is being very lazy in delivering new news with evleaks leaking the 925 for maybe an hour ago.....and this article also a day after
  • Yup they are too late...
  • Dude follow it is much faster in delivering news. See skype updated news on it.
  • I would love to hear your definition of "news'. 
  • See dictionary
  • They may not be the fastest but fast isn't always better. I like more accurate articles
  • +1...I follow WMPoweruser for the headlines, but actually wait for the coverage here to read.
  • Same here. True.
  • Exactly, get news headlines from wmpu then wait in anticipation for wpcentral to write an article about said news, wmpu isn't half bad though, just prefer wpc writers.
  • I am talking about the updates and they are always accurate because you can check it.
  • Or you can download the WP7 News app which aggregates all the mobile sites together in same place :-)
  • could you give me the link for that app ?
  • Sure thing,
  • You could also try weave, that is a news reader for a ton of categories that you can manage and one of those categories is windows phone, with most WP sites that you can add. The app is really well done and the live tile is really nice too.
  • Only available for wp8 lumia users, 7.x are also left out
  • Its a crummy app to advertise a film, that might well suck. Are you really gonna let that ruin your day? :)
  • Can some one email me all the wallpapers that comes one the app?
  • Could not find any wallpapers, just photos (different resolution than the screen size). Was anybody else able to find the wallpapers section?
  • Wallpapers are unlocked as you play the mini games
  • Useless
  • This comment is useless. 
  • The Dark Knight? Man of Steel? What's next, Person of Water?
  • Lol
  • That would be Aquaman....
  • ROFL!!
  • The only other DC Comics hero with a nickname like that is Flash: The Fastest Man Alive.
  • Green Lantern is the Ring Slinger.
  • Superb! App nice1 Nokia
  • I'm betting that this will be the best movie this year and I'm not a superman fan but give respect to the first hero
  • Man... These movie studios know where it's at!
  • Can't wait for this movie
  • Hello, please download this advertisement, it's only a 47 Mb package.......
  • Only wp8 :'(
  • Only for WP8 Lumia's, but still love the work that Nokia continues to put towards the platform itself. Samsung is Android, Apple is iOS, and Nokia is WP, rest of the OEMs, will just take what they can get. HTC should've put in more effort and time in supporting WP. I can understand Samsung, caring less what they do on WP platform, cause they're the only ones really making profit on Android.
  • This needs to be released for wp7.8. I got the limited edition dark knight lumia 900 that came loaded with the dark knight rises app. It would be cool to have the dark knight and the man of steel on my phone.
  • WP8 Lumia only
  • This makes me regret getting my HTC 8X
  • man up. Your HTX 8X is still sexy, even without this app. Its a stupid advert app, pull yourself together. Love, Mum.
  • SWEET!
  • Score another big win for fragmentation and T mobile's awful selection of low-end only devices. 
    Well, its not like I have room for this anyhow, I'm to busy enjoying 8.5GB of Other. 
  • [FAIL] Incorrect usage of the word fragemention. Now go and stand in the corner, and face the wall.
  • Nokia, why u no make these apps available in Canada?!?!??!?!?
  • huh? this is available on all WP8 Lumia regardless of the region. I live in Canada, have a L820 and I can download this  app without problem. if you don't see it on the marketplace, change the phone's region to US
  • no luvv fr 7.8 :| :( :( :'(
  • You guys arn't missing much with the app. It's a few movie screens that most likely are easily found online, two shitty ringtones that sound like a fan blowing into a speaker, and a game that looks like some kid made.
    Aside from that there's a countdown that can't be pinned to your homescreen(only thing that would have made it worth it) and links to info about the movie.
    So yea, not missing much.
  • I know, but have you heard some of the whining on this thread? Its like someone kicked their cat. Tech nerds really do whine a lot :) Glad I'm not one of them... hanging out on forums, posting silly comments... and...... .wait a minute..
  • Not available on the 900. :'(
  • Really disappointed in you Nokia. Can't believe you make an exclusive product and then miss out all those who have 7.x flagship lumias. Some people can't just get the newest phone every other month when they come out. Sort it out!
  • I'm not sure what game you're referring to. I only have photos and movie trailers. There is nothing else in the app. Maybe those features are region specific.