Official Qantas app for Windows Phone now available

The official Qantas app for Windows Phone, which we have been anticipating since MIX '11, has now been released on the Marketplace. The app enables users to keep track of their upcoming flights with the operator. As well as mobile check-in, the app also displays the status of the customer's frequent flyer programme with accumulated points.

The free Qantas app provides a boarding pass for the selected flight that can be used for a more efficient experience, just remember to charge the Windows Phone the night before (nothing worse than relying on your dead smartphone for checking into your flight). Should you have access to the available lounges at numerous supporting airports, the app will also provide information as to the location and opening hours of said areas.

Live tiles are present with the ability to pin flights to the homescreen for up-to-date details regarding the scheduled time of departure, etc. The official Qantas app is a convenient companion for any frequent traveller, it's just a shame that there doesn't appear to be any way to book flights through the app itself. It's pretty much identical to the British Airways app, which is also available on the Marketplace, basic but sports enough features.

You can download the official Qantas app from the Marketplace for free and find the press release after the break. Via: Techin5

New Qantas App Launches on Windows Phone Marketplace

Sydney, 5 April 2012: Missing a flight may become a thing of the past with a new Windows Phone application developed by Microsoft in partnership with Qantas launching today. Available exclusively on Microsoft’s Windows Phone, the free Qantas app will make travelling easier than ever before by helping passengers keep abreast of the current status of their Qantas flight schedule and prompting them to check in.

The Qantas Windows Phone app is a smarter travel app that takes advantage of the Windows Phone Live Tiles. Qantas customers can ‘pin’ the app to their start screen, as well as multiple individual flights, enabling ‘glance and go’ status updates without needing to open and load the actual app.

In an Australian first for any airline, the app works out the customer’s current GPS location and, by factoring in the estimated travel time required to get to the airport, the Live Tile will prompt them when it’s time to leave to help the customer arrive in time for the booked flight.

As the flight departure time draws near the app will continue to update the Live Tile on the passenger’s start screen to alert them of how much time they have before take-off and when check-in is open to assist their travel experience. The app is able to store mobile boarding passes for domestic flights, saving even more time and allowing passengers to head straight to the gate.

Megan Howard, Windows Phone Business Group Lead, said the Qantas app takes full advantage of the unique capabilities of Windows Phone Live Tiles and is an exciting addition to the app portfolio.

“One of the innovative features of the Windows Phone interface is Live Tiles, which allows people to see information they’ve selected on the phone’s start screen; without opening and loading applications. Travellers need only glance down at the dynamic Live Tile of the Qantas app to instantly receive clear and up to date information around their itinerary  – helping to avoid those stressful last minute dashes to check-in, or even worse, missed flights!” said Megan Howard.

“Our Marketplace is the fastest growing app store in Australia and we are thrilled to partner with Qantas, such an iconic Australian brand, to really showcase the capabilities of the Windows Phone platform. Through features like check-in prompts, mobile boarding passes, real time bag drop updates and gate changes, this app will help make travel easier for many passengers,” added Howard.

John Lonergan, Head of Qantas Direct, said Qantas is committed to developing innovate platforms to improve customer experience.

“The Qantas app for Windows Phone offers our customers another platform for making their travel experience even simpler.  The app keeps track of flight itineraries, sends check-in reminders and provides real-time flight updates.  For travel within Australia it even stores mobile boarding passes.  Windows Phone offers great functionality and we are excited to be launching an app for this platform,’ he said.

The Qantas app joins a stable of over 70,000 apps already available on Marketplace for Windows Phone.

Rich Edmonds
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