The official Windows 10 NASCAR app for PCs and tablets starts its engines

Fans of the NASCAR stock car racing league know that the schedule is currently in the middle of the "Chase for the Cup" round, where the top drivers are now competing for the 2015 overall championship. So it's good timing for the league to release the official Windows 10 NASCAR app for PCs and tablets in the Windows Store.

NASCAR for Windows 10

The app includes a number of features that are available for free:

  • Interactive Chase Grid
  • Live leaderboards for all NASCAR Series (limited)
  • Lap by Lap commentary
  • Extensive Driver data, news and social media feeds
  • Real time news and video
  • Complete Schedule and Full Driver Standings
  • Customizable Notifications

If you are a hardcore fan, you can unlock some extra features in the NASCAR Windows 10 app with a paid subscription:

  • Premium Live Leaderboard - Track your favorite drivers on a customized leaderboard with all new data points
  • Live Driver Audio - Listen to the in-race strategy between Drivers, Crew Chiefs and spotters
  • Live In-Car Cameras - Watch Live in-car cameras for the entire 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season
  • Live Broadcast Radio & Officials Radio - Listen to the official NASCAR Radio Broadcast for each race of the season and listen to the NASCAR Officials Radio for all Sprint Cup Series races

Download NASCAR app for Windows 10 at the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham
  • Not a Nascar fan, but congrats.
  • What? Don't like the left turn? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "Works on: PC, mobile device" probably will be available when it's ready.
  • Why haven't they released a mobile version? Waiting for official release?
  • There is an 8.1 app and has subscription capabilities. It was just extremely lacking in compared to ios. Will download the pc version in a little while. Hope it is comparable.
  • I want my F1 app back.
  • Yeah devs are really taking advantage of this " universal app store " model.....
  • W10M isn't officially out yet
  • Finally!! Yay! #daleyeah
  • Looks like it's now available for Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Sure is, downloading now. So far both seem greatly improved over the last. Though it seems that the "RaceView" features are still not present as they are in iOS. I guess I will keep using IE for now.
  • Start your engine. And may the best... ops...  
  • Always nice to see the salty tears of overreaction on this stuff. People freaked out there was no mobile app about an hour before there was one.
  • Yeah :)
  • Is it a universal app or did they build two?
  • Awesome!!!
  • Yessss, thanks NASCAR! Posted via the Windows Central App for BlackBerry