Official WM 6.1 ROM for Sprint Touch is Out

First we heard it would be the first part of July, then we saw an unofficially official leak of the ROM, now we have the 6.1 ROM itself, available for download at HTC, here (opens in new tab).

JayTV wrote in to give us the heads-up and adds that the file is the

WC Staff
  • Found a link to the ROM at since it appears HTC took it down. Works well, GPS and Rev A EVDO is amazingly fast.
  • The Sprint Touch ROM is officially out on the HTC site.
  • Turns out this is the same revision that was leaked and known as the "July 4th" Rom. The screen shots on the HTC site match the July 4th exactly, ROM version, date, radio and Protocol version.
    I've been runinning it a couple of weeks. Works great.
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