Unofficially Official Part Deux: Sprint Touch Edition

Hot on the heels of the unofficially official Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM for the Mogul, Frank tips us off that the same soon-to-be-official style Windows Mobile 6.1 action has been bestowed on the Sprint Touch, courtesy of XDA (by way of PPCGeeks). It's Windows Mobile 6.1, it's at your-own-risk, it's likely to be officially official in the very near future, what more can we say?

Frank's looking for confirmation that it's not going to fry his Touch and we suppose we are looking for the same. Anybody dare take the plunge? Perhaps lalala, who saw the Mogul's update and became forlorn because the same wasn't available for the Touch?

  • A mention by the almighty Dieter! Perhaps I'll give it a shot this weekend... :)
  • The update works flawlessly. I have had a Touch since it was released. I was using the original sprint rom. The rom update tool was simple to use. I'm using Windows Vista (Business) and had no troubles. The update in total took 10 minutes. Windows 6.1 is great. GPS works very well (Verified In Live Search and with Gmaps). After the update completed I used Windows Mobile Device Center to sync my Touch back to my pc to restore all calendar and contact entries.
    I hope this helps those on the fence about this update!
  • this ROM update is 100% the new stock gps/rev a/6.1 ROM. Look at the file name it even says "ship" at the end denoting that its official. Nothing wrong with flashing this one, its official, just leaked early
  • A Sprint developer recently posted the following: We are currently working on the ROM update for HTC Touch and the official release date is not finalized. However, we are targeting to release the update in first part of July. Once the update is officially released, We are going to make the update available on our ADP website and we will also be notifying our developer community via this forum.
    More info here
  • Now if we could just get confirmation of an update for the Palm Treo 750 (the first device announced as to be getting an update at the Microsoft conference).
    Talked to tech support yesterday , they said no planned update that they are aware of.
  • Well, I took the plunge, and did the upgrade. And I have to say, I'm *very* impressed. Not only does it include a full copy of Opera Mobile 8.65 (although I will upgrade to 9.5 when it's out), the GPS is incredibly fast. I mean, wicked fast. On my Tilt, a GPS cold start would take 30-45 seconds to lock on. On the new touch, it takes 10-15 seconds, and this is inside!
    I'm convinced -- this is a keeper. :)
  • The rom updated when every well. After I loaded all my app back it still seems snappier then the last stock rom.
    GPS is quick
    the RevA. is great atleast it seems that way. Ran speedtest is the bandwidth reading was 1.02Mbps meaning download was 131KB/sec. I'm not too sure what that means but I'm happy I did the update.
  • If you have a Sprint Touch, load this update! You'll fall in love with your phone all over again! :)