Sprint HTC Mogul 6.1: (Unofficially) officially out

For those who just can't wait till get the "official" and final WM6.1 ROM for the Sprint HTC 6800 (aka Mogul, or Mongrel if you're bitter), it is now out there floating on the 'nets.

That can only mean Sprint is just about to let this one go any second.

Here are the deets:

File Name:

RUU_TITAN_SPRINT_WWE_3.56.651.0_RS_3.42.02_SPCS2.0 4_PPST_0619_Ship.exe


CE OS 5.2.19208 Build 19208.1.0.2



Get it here. As usual, use at own risk. Post feedback in comments!

Via Sprintusers.com

WC Staff