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Official WM6.5 Leaked for Touch Diamond 2 (Topaz)

While we AT&T Pure users here in the States enjoy our spanking new Windows Mobile 6.5, the unlocked Touch Diamond 2 released months ago is still awaiting the official upgrade from HTC. Gasp!

The date for the upgrade keeps coming and going, but it looks like Froidstar at XDA has gotten his/her hands on the official version, unofficially, of course.

It's an older build (2.07.58475) from July, which is evidently what HTC will be releasing to the masses. Hands-on reports are that it is very stable and fast so far.

So if you haven't rocked a custom WM6.5 update already (hard to believe) then you may want to give this a shot, or perhaps you "Chefs" need a new stable base to work from?

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  • Ill take a look :) Thanks
  • Man, I'm bummed!! I downloaded it...installed it and though it's the new wm uses the older manila version...contacts are roledex format and NO shortcuts/weather on Today screen. Going to go back to a cooked ROM.
  • That's ok I still rather keep my HTC Touch Pro 2 Windows Mobile 6.5 which I like it and is fast. Iphone your a piece of crap just like there Macs computers are a piece of Crap.
    Google Android go back to your google web browser is all what you are a Web Browser.