Official WPCentral app updated with bug fixes

Last Saturday we had an update for the Official WPCentral app that introduced transparent Live tiles in Windows Phone 8.1, fixed bugs, unlocked all features for trial users and more. But we don’t let Jay rest too much, which is why you’ll find a new update in the Windows Phone Store. Curious as to what’s new? Of course you are, so read on to find what.

In the Windows Phone Store you’ll see the WPCentral app sitting pretty at version Here’s what’s new in this release:

  • Fixed a bug where launching the app from a toast notification did not clear the live tile
  • Handled a critical exception that could occur whilst trying to retrieve ads from the Microsoft advert network
  • Removed a warning message that was showing to trial users regarding the lock screen

This is a relatively fast update because of that second reason above. Some users in certain regions would experience errors with Microsoft’s Ad network. The app would crash, but Jay has fixed that for you all. You won’t find new features in this update, just ironing out some things for you guys to make the app enjoyable.

Looking ahead, last week Jay did tease he’s working on an update for the app that would give it a lot of Windows Phone 8.1 features. Anything specific you’d like to see our app do? Sound off below, but do let us know if this update fixes any recent issues you’ve been having!

Update (Jay Bennett): Unfortunately in the rush to fix the problem some of our friends in certain regions were having with the advertising provider I have missed a key part of my testing and introduced a bug. Right now if you're seeing a crash when you launch the app from a notification please switch the our Custom Flip Tile style rather than the Iconic live tile. I will fix this immediately but it will take a few days to pass certification so won't be until next week. My apologies to all who were using the Iconic live tile!

Download WPCentral from the Windows Phone Store


Sam Sabri