Omnia 7 on SFR in France now getting Mango update

Omnia 7 users in France and who are on SFR will be happy to note that you should be getting your Mango update today. As noted on the official Windows Phone Blog, Eric Hautala details a bit about the update and tries to reassure others who own phones that are still "in testing" to sit tight, your update is coming too.

Not much else to say on the matter outside of plug in your phones and check for that Mango!

Source: Windows Phone Blog

Side note: Doing a Bing image search for "france sfr" results in some interesting finds.

Daniel Rubino

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  • I wonder if that means that drivers for Omnia 7 are ready?
  • Does anyone know why the Omnia 7 was held back?
  • Just done it. I previously updated my phone with the leaked 7720 and the only update that was pushed to me was the Samsung update with the latest drivers.
  • Check if Samsung Zone is there in the marketplace? Mine's disappeared.
  • It's still here for me.
  • Ah ok, it reappeared again. No worries. :)
  • Beside one "cabaret dancer" I didn't see much "interesting pics" ;)