OneNote now testing dark mode with Insiders

Updated May 7, 2019: Microsoft Product Manager Mike Tholfsen has now made it official.

If you were hoping to shield your eyes from OneNote's bright backgrounds when working at night, you'll get your wish soon. As first spotted by Reddit user Grindiot, Microsoft is currently rolling out a dark mode for testing with OneNote Insiders.

The dark mode coats the entirety of OneNote with a range of dark-gray colors, the most prominent of which is the note area itself. In the settings menu, you can toggle OneNote between its dark and light themes, or tell it to follow your Windows theme automatically. The only downside, as noted by one Reddit user, is that switching to dark mode currently darkens your pen colors as well, making some of them less legible.

In addition, Microsoft this week began rolling out a new dialogue box when creating a new notebook, which is intended to be a little more helpful by setting up default sections depending on your scenario. That's in addition to a new context menu that features some Fluent Design elements.

We aren't seeing the new dark mode in OneNote just yet, so it appears that it's slowly rolling out to testers. However, you can grab the latest version of OneNote via the Microsoft Store now to see if it's available for you.

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