OneNote updated with colorful emoji and more for Slow ring Windows Insiders

Windows Insiders on the Slow ring are getting access to a batch of handy new features in OneNote now rolling out with the latest version of the app. Coming in at build 7967.5750, the update has already been in the hands of Fast ring Insiders for just under a week, and includes things (opens in new tab) like graphing for math equations, the ability to recover deleted notes, and most importantly, colorful new emoji.

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Here's a look at all of what's included in this update:

  • See more of your notes: We've heard your feedback about the inflated size of the ribbon, context menus, and page list and have reduced the overall footprint of the OneNote interface, leaving you with more room on your screen to view and edit your notes.
  • Graph your math equations: Write an equation on any page, click Draw > Math, and OneNote can now help you draw a graph.
  • Recover deleted notes: We've all deleted a note or section accidently. Now you can restore notebook content by opening the Recycle Bin. In your Notebooks list, right-click the notebook you want, and then click View Deleted Notes.
  • Make notes accessible: Use the Accessibility Checker to identify and fix accessibility issues in your notes before sharing them with other people.
  • Save time with new keyboard shortcuts: We've updated our list of Keyboard shortcuts in OneNote for Windows 10 (opens in new tab) to include all the latest ways you can accelerate your note-taking.
  • Drag and drop pages and sections: Keep everything organized with a quick drag and drop of pages or sections into different sections and notebooks.
  • Organize sections into groups: Create section groups to make organizing and navigating large notebooks even easier. Right-click the + Section button, and then click New Section Group.
  • Use full color emoji: Say goodbye to black and white emoji. Now you can express yourself in full color.

The update should be up for grabs and available for download now at the Windows Store. Again, this is a Slow ring release only, but we should see these new features make their way out to everyone before too long.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • Doesn't matter still can't login
  • Matters for the rest of us
  • So many dislikes?onenote is the worst, had to transfer all my notes to pdf cos it wouldnt sync, and Microsoft knows about this issue and cares about changing the colours?search online for onenote issues...syncing issues renders this app useless which its the whole purpose of onenote, what's the point of this app if syncing doesnt work.
  • LMFAO, so even though they're forcing this skynet account sh*t in the Windows Store app, it's still stupidly buggy? Oh well, even more reasons why I never have and never will rely on all this stupid public cloud storage, and never will use an app solely reliant on such sh*t like this Windows Store app...
  • This sounds fantastic. Especially since lack of recycle bin screwed me over when I had something corrupted.
  • Recycle bin was always available in desktop onenote 2016 😉
  • Except I couldn't sync to get the notebook back into the cloud so I could use it with the desktop version.
  • Nice additions, too bad the app is still useless as junk to me as it continues to demand a skynet account in order to be used...
  • But how do you use the sync feature without a Microsoft Account? For Evernote, Google Keep etc you also need an Account.
  • Who says I always want to use the "sync feature" in the first place? My 512GB SSD Surface Pro 2 (which is my Tablet, Notepad/Logbook/Skethpad, Laptop, and Desktop) is always with me, and remains "in sync" with me. That's what matters most to me, and I'm not interested in adding an eavesdropper in the middle for the most part. Couldn't give a rat's ass if google keep, evernote and other note-taking apps demand the same sh*t, doesn't make it acceptable, and I simply will never use them if that's the case. If I want to sync a note to my Smartphone, I can have a separate smartphone notebook that syncs, which I do have in the full Office 2016 OneNote. Other than that small notebook with insensitive information, the remaining of my 16GB+ of OneNote notes stays local on my Surface Pro 2's SSD. This bastardized Windows Store app forces everything to be put in the hands of microsoft, and thus remains useless as junk to me.
  • You can use the desktop version of OneNote without an account
  • That's what I do everyday on my Surface Pro 2, just the Windows Store app here that remains useless as junk despite it gaining neat features here and there...
  • great additions to a great app. there is a typo in the first paragraph of this article. you wrote "nots" instead of "notes".
  • Nice work! I use onenote all the time!
    Sadly the app for w10m is still sooo slow :/
  • Wish they would add hyperlink for phone numbers and web addresses...
  • I wish they'd fix the broken "Save As" function for W10M on attached files. I hate when they brag about a new feature without testing it on Mobile.
  • Use onenote all the time it's great, But I do tend to use the desktop version than the store app version