OneNote for Teams and web inking experience improves, new features announced

Surface Duo 2 Pen Onenote Inking
Surface Duo 2 Pen Onenote Inking (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • OneNote has a laundry list of features that have either recently rolled out, are rolling out, or are upcoming.
  • One of those is auto-inking with a stylus.
  • Improved link sharing within Teams is also coming up.

OneNote in Teams and OneNote for the web are always improving, and Microsoft's latest blog post is proof of that fact. Eight new improvements are either already rolled out, in progress, or slated as upcoming.

If you want the most detail on these eight items, check out Microsoft's blog. Otherwise, here's the short version of what you can expect, according to Microsoft:

  1. New mode switcher (Starting to roll out)
  2. Improved copy/paste (Rolled out)
  3. Zoom in and zoom out (Rolled out)
  4. Set picture to background (Starting to roll out)
  5. Remember the last page you were on (Starting to roll out)
  6. Auto-inking with stylus (Starting to roll out in Chrome and Edge browsers, Teams)
  7. Re-size embedded web content as videos (Rolled out)
  8. Improved link sharing experience within Teams (Upcoming)

Two of the major items of note there are auto-inking and improved link sharing. The former means that the moment your stylus makes contact with your touch-friendly device's canvas, you can get drawing. Drawing with your finger is also an option, for those of you who prefer that to the stylus route.

Onenote Inking

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

As for improved link sharing, coming to OneNote in Teams, here's the scoop on that: Teams will let you know if the person you're messaging with a OneNote link can access the file. If they can't, you can hit the file preview to quickly adjust file permissions. Ergo, you won't have to leave the chat message to fiddle with that sort of thing. The recipient(s) can then open the file on Teams for PC. Mobile's getting the feature soon as well, though there isn't a hard ETA there.

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