OneNote's October update is now rolling out to everyone on Windows 10

The update doesn't contain a ton of groundbreaking features, but it does include a handful of smaller niceties. Probably the biggest addition is the ability to print an entire notebook. Microsoft also says OneNote will now look and work better on high-DPI or multiple monitor setups. And though it's very much on the minor side, OneNote has added a setting to allow automatic capitalization of the first word of a sentence.

Here's a look at all of what's new in OneNote version 17.8625.2090:

  • Print sections or entire notebooks: Need an offline copy? No problem. Print a page, a complete section, or an entire notebook for safekeeping.
  • If you have high-DPI or multiple monitors, you'll find OneNote looks and acts better than ever.
  • PDF printouts now look crisp and clear in OneNote for Windows 10, even those that were previously inserted with other versions of OneNote.
  • Take advantage of a new setting. You can decide if you want to automatically capitalize the first word of a sentence.

If you're a regular OneNote user, you can grab the latest update, and check out all of what's new, from the Microsoft Store now.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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