Ookla releases new Windows 10 Speedtest.net app for PC

When it comes to testing your internet speed, Ookla's Speetest.net is one of the most popular free services around. The company has had a Windows Phone 8.1 app (opens in new tab) for years, but now they look to be expanding to Windows 10.

Version of Speedtest is now available for PC on Windows 10. Although the app is not yet ready for phone it is clear that it is designed for it as the app's layout and aspect are already mobile (interestingly, it's not adaptive meaning it cannot go bigger on PC).

The app itself is well done with clear, bold fonts, and an easy 'Go' button that tests your Ping, Download, and Upload rates along with a history of your tests. You can also easily share your results with the Windows Share Picker to push to other apps like Outlook or Twitter.

No word on when Ookla will push this for Windows 10 Mobile, but seeing as their Windows Phone 8.1 version is still kicking and there are clearly more users still on 8.1 than 10, there is probably no immediate rush.

Download Speedtest for Windows 10 (opens in new tab)

Thanks, YC P., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Maybe its a hybrid which is half Win32 like Edge or just win32 app hence why it cant resize to the whole screen.
  • ARM is noted under requirements, so unlikely. If this were straight Centennial it would say 'x86 required' and that's it.
  • I think the ARM is for mobile which gives the old 8.1 app. Only the PC users got the new update so only that could be a hybrid or just x86.
  • No, the requirements are for this app.
  • Its the same app, same link! Only the PC users got the update. If u try the same link in your phone you get the 8.1 app.
  • Yes, because it is not ready, but the requirements on this w10 app says it has ARM support. The store doesn't have different apps on the same entry. If this was not coming on phones it would only say x86.
  • Yes, because it is not ready, but the requirements on this w10 app says it has ARM support. The store doesn't have different apps on the same entry. If this was not coming on phones it would only say x86.
  • Or the store is just saying there is a ARM version of the app which is the 8.1 app.
  • No... It is a w10 listing...
  • No... It is a w10 listing...
  • Ok. Got it now
  • I got it on phone now! Have tipped about it :)
  • Just downloaded it on my phone, so no it isn't a hybrid. It works, but the UI is cut off the left side of my Lumia 950 XL.
  • On my phone, the link still shows the wp app.
  • Download on PC. Open Store app on phone. Tap hamburger menu, and select My Library. Under Apps heading, you should see the app listed as "Speedtest by Ookla" you may have to tap the Show all button to find it. From there you can tap the download icon to download the app to your phone.
  • Oh now I found it. When I clicked the download arrow in the WC app, it took me to the WP app. But the link at the end of the article was showing the right thing :D
  • I think that's the 8.1 app.
  • I have both the 8.1 and 10 app installed on my phone now.
  • No, it is the new one. I now have two apps listed in my apps menu, one is the new one with the new UI. ​Old one is called Speedtest.net the new one is just Speedtest.  
  • Oh ok.
  • App devs were probably just lazy.
  • Nice, I use this fairly often.
  • So here's another app that replaces another website I use fairly often. Good to see this :D
  • I use this a lot so that's a plus for me
  • nperf is a great app for speed test. But I use speediest.net as well. Good to see them come up with a win 10 app. Their 8.1 was updated long ago so was doubtful if they will bring a win 10 app.
  • I'll try it, but personally I like the one by Microsoft. The one with the green icon.
  • That's a great app, but not for Windows 10 and 4k displays. It works, but some of the scaling is off.
  • Microsoft's Network Speed Test also works good, and has no ads. I think I'll stick with that. Nothing against speedtest. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I also use Microsoft's app and found that it works quite well. 
  • Another alternative that requires no app is http://fast.com ;)
  • Is it just for PC? Because I can't get it on my tablet.
  • Was able to download it on my Lumia 950 XL.
  • It says in the article.
  • If your tablet runs a Windows 10 PC SKU (and not W10M which is Very rare for tablets anyway) then it is considered a PC
  • What tablet would that be? Most of what folks would be calling tablets are running Win 10, so it should work. If you have found a tablet running Win 10 Mobile, then the phone comments here would apply.
  • There's very few tablets running W10M, but I'd love to see more of them if/when Inking comes to W10M - A tablet one second, then docked turns into a PC-like experience via Continuum (Which will be awesome with windowed apps)
  • Nice job! Their 8.1 app is still good, only a bit outdated in terms of looks. Hopefully it won't take long until a Mobile version.
  • I have switched from this to just searching "speed test" in Bing and using the web widget. Has way less ads and is faster by far Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Can't maximize to full screen; only part of the app shows. I notice the same problem with Microsoft Solitaire -- this makes me think it's really a problem with the new Fast Ring of Windows 10 on my Surface Book
  • Think you may be right about fast ring. The app tries to run full screen on my Surface Pro and build 14942 and the scaling is way off.
  • Same here when I try and download it on my 950xl and brings up 'launch' as already installed
  • Is there anyone who can tell me how to get tweetium or fenice free????
  • And rob two great developers of the pay they deserve?
  • Besides...it's way off topic
  • Ookla is such a Google collaborator.
    Just use Microsoft's Network Speed Test or fast.com
  • Fast doesn't give upload speeds Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Waiting for Mobile version. While waiting, Cortana does the job
  • Cortana has a speed test build in?
  • i use them sometimes. i use speedof.me alot more now and it works great on edge mobile!  
  • I gotta say I'm quite surprised they're continuing support.
  • I don't know if I trust all network speed testers.  I haven't had the best of luck with speedtest.  I had to run my test through carreirs like Comcast, and Charter (I couldn't use ATT because they are my provider and I felt some type of way).  But whenever I would run on speedtest I was at 50Mb but on the others I was around 800Mb (I have ATT Giga).  I will try this out and see what comes of it ;)  Just tested it and the app seem s more accurate than the website nice now I can check my speeds periodically :) 
  • Are you sure the settings on the speedtest.net are in Mbps (Megabits per second) and not MBPS (MegaBytes per second). Makes a really huge difference. You're probably on MBPS on speedtest.net by default and you're comparing to Mbps it seems. Fix and try again.
  • Nice app!
  • Make this on Universal platform. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You can download this to your phone through the "My Library" section in the store....So it is already on UWP. It doesn't scale properly on Mobile but I don't think it's officially supposed to be available there, the "My Library" is a bit of a workaround for now.
  • It's sort of wierd. It does run full screen on my Surface 3, which I keep in tablet mode. It initially didn't come up right, but switching out of tablet and back in made the interface display full screen.  In non-tablet it did take on the look of a phone app in a window. In tablet it looks like running an iPhone app at 2X on an iPad, if you can relate to that. Almost like they released it before they finished playing with the scalling. Anyone with it on a phone check to see if it is availale under continuum (not grayed out). Kind of a sign of a UWP app. Update: Did it myself. Loaded on my 950, using the My Library suggestion in the store. Now have the older Speedtest.net app, and the newer Speedtest. The new one does indeed work under Continuum. UWP app. (Old app doesn't support Continuum)  Scaling needs some work, but it works fine.
  • I'm not too sure about this, I compared the apps results to the website results, ran 6 tests each on each one to be sure. The app speedtest results vary GREATLY from the website results.
  • I use nperf. It includes things like video streaming samples and browsing. I have no idea if that is useful, but at least it is more real life useful to me - since those are actually what matters :)
  • Well... I just downloaded it from "My library" after installed on my PC and it's working fine on my Lumia 1520.