Opera Mobile 10 beta for Symbian - a sign of things to come for Windows Mobile?

First there was Opera Mobile 9.5 beta, which gave way to Opera Mobile 9.7 beta. Now, enter Opera Mobile 10 beta (opens in new tab) for Symbian. And it looks like a likely progression and brings much-improved password management, among a host of other features. Question is, will we see Opera Mobile 10 on Windows Mobile? Wmpoweruser says yes, unofficially, even though there's zero mention of WinMo in the Symbian release. So, we'll just have to see. [Opera Mobile 10 beta (opens in new tab)]

Phil Nickinson

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  • Anything to help the password management is a plus IMO. And if Apple had released eye candy like that tab management we'd be seeing it all over commercials on prime time TV and reading about how revolutionary it was. Nice job Opera.
  • Oh man, this looks so awesome. I'd like to see if they can do all this on WM exactly the same.
  • They can do better for WinMo, no need for same :-)
  • they already did it - the same for wm goes as "opera mini 5"
  • looks like again no love for wm smartphones :(
    we're still stuck with opera 6 :(
  • y the hell is this not available for beta for wm! come on!
  • It looks exactly like Opera Mini 5 beta...hmmmm