Opera 9.7 coming, will have Flash, Ajax support

Our love-hate relationship with Internet Explorer may again become a bit of a moot point as Opera Mobile has announced some details of the next version of its browser.

CNet reports that Opera Mobile 9.7 (opens in new tab) will support Flash and Ajax. CNet also says Opera Turbo, which squeezes data through slower connections, will make its mobile debut, and that 9.7 scores a perfect 100 on the Acid 3 rendering test. Google Gears and Open GL ES for graphics also will be on board, as will widgets.


Opera Mobile 9.7 is intended for release by carriers and phone manufacturers, CNet says, but a consumer release is hinted at.

Alls we know is this: Between IE6, Skyfire, Firefox and now Opera 9.7, it's starting to look like the browser wars are back with a vengence.

Update: Opera's posted a video of 9.7 in action. Peep it after the break.

Phil Nickinson

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  • The mobile browsers are a shining example of competition is a good thing. There's no shortage of good options out there for WM now and as IE improves and mobile Firefox is launched it's only going to get that much better.
  • even though windows mobile 9.5 isn't technically finished yet (except for on OEM releases) i'm still looking forward to the next iteration of Op Mob. The build that i have is stable, and works perfectly fine...but i just wish it had well, AJAX n' flash support. and a few other things as well. looking forward to it. seems like late 09/10 is gonna be a damn good year for Winmo
  • Windows Mobile 9.5?
  • eh...opera mobile 9.5, u know what i meant
  • The fact that your requests go through Opera's servers puts me off, same implications for privacy as skyfire or opera mini. I just prefer to use my phone with as few strings as possible, I pay for the voice/data plan and the phone, dont see why someone should also have the capacity to track what I do online.
  • What about webkit based Iris? I just installed it and was amazed there's not more buzz about it. It's by far the best WM browser I've tried (and I've tried Opera, IE mobile [old version, don't have a Treo Pro], skyfire and fennec [which didn't really work at all]). It's faster and less of a resource hog than Opera, renders better than IE, and has super fast tab support. Flash lite even works. Sort of.
  • It is very nice. Quick and great rendering. My biggest quibble is with the UI. It's functional, but compare it to the UI of Opera 9.5, Safari, IE6 and the upcoming Firefox Mobile and it's kind of a old school. All they have to do is revamp the menu interface a bit and throw some nice little graphical elements on it and suddenly a lot more people would be talking about it (similar story for Netfront for that matter.)
  • Probaby true, seems everything now is about how "sexy" something is. I use Iris as well as my default browser and its better for all the reasons Anon posted. And its still technically a WIP so hopefully the "eye-candy" will come for those who need it.
  • Ajax? Doesn't the current version already support Ajax? It does have some minor problems with jQuery, though.
    As for Opera Turbo, nothing new with the feature. A long time ago Opera has a proxy that compresses pages before delivered to user but shut down soon after these vikings started Opera Mini.