Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta Now available

Yes, you want it, go get it at https://www.opera.com/mobile. If, for some crazy reason, you don't want to just install Opera Mobile 9.5 yourself, you can read all about it here, where'll you'll find that you're missing out on a great page overview default, faster browsing, improved pan and zoom, page saving, and a completely new UI.

Sure, it's been a long wait, made even longer by a last-minute, 2 day delay for extra bugfixing, but we're hoping it's worth it. We're hoping, but we don't know. We loved it on the HTC Tilt (see a hands-on here), but we're wondering if it will work on less herculean devices. To that end we'll pass up testing it on the Treo 800w (a certified speed demon) and try it out on the Mogul. Stay tuned...

One device we won't be testing it on is the Q9h, as Opera Mobile 9.5 doesn't appear to be available for Standard edition yet. Bummer.

Thanks to ShuckyD for the tip!

WC Staff