Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta Goes Live Thursday

We know, we know, you had set your alarm for Midnight tonight and were planning on constantly refreshing Opera's site all day tomorrow (the day we expected it) so you could download the holy grail of Windows Mobile browsers: Opera Mobile 9.5. Or maybe that was just us.

You can go ahead and reset your alarm clock, because Opera's going to take a couple more days to hammer out some last-minute bugs on the browser before they unleash the beta on the world. Killing bugs before a Beta release? It's almost like a software company cares about user experience and killing bugs. Actually, it's exactly like that, because this is Opera we're talking about.

As you can imagine, we encountered a few bugs last week that we needed to fix before we launch. Our engineering team worked through the weekend to fix the bugs. Even though our release is a beta, we'd rather spend the extra time to fix them, thus giving you a better experience. The fixes are almost complete now, but we need two more days to run the build through our quality assurance testing. The new launch date is now set for the 17th.

read: my.opera.com, via the::unwired

WC Staff