Opera Mobile 10 final build now available

And you thought this day would never come. The official release of Opera Mobile 10 is now available for Windows Mobile, marking the end of several long beta periods. If you still need to see what you're getting into, check out our video review of the Opera Mobile 10 beta. Then head on over to Opera and get your download on. [Opera Mobile (opens in new tab)]

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  • This is great! Opera Mobile 10!! Uhh... except, I have a question for any HTC users of Sprint (namely Sprint HTC Touch Pro2... or anybody else who has this problem on some other device). I have attempted to download an updated Opera browser before. However, is there a way that it is supposed to overwrite the Opera browser version that is already on the TP2? Or is it just not possible? What would be the point of downloading the new Opera browser, when you can't overwrite the version already on the TP2? That makes having two browsers, and wasted memory. Or am I wrong? Thanks to anybody who can fulfill these ponderings.
  • You can install the new version and it should overwrite the older one as long as you install it in the same place. The old version will sit in there forever (ROM) but will not be active anymore. I did that with Google Maps several times in my old Treo Pro. It came with version 2.X I think and I was happily running version 4.0 before upgrading to a Touch Pro 2
  • I just installed Opera Mobile 10 on a Tilt 2. You end up with both Opera Mobile 9.5 and 10. This is sort of a waste of memory, but then again, if Opera Mobile 10 were to overwrite 9.5 and then you don't like 10, there wouldn't be a way to return to 9.5 without a hard reset. All things considered, I like the way it is better.
  • pardon my ignorance, but, is the browser mutli touch compatible?
  • What is the difference between Mini and Mobile supposed to be now?
    I just installed this on my Omnia and if you asked me the difference I'd say Mini 5 beta is fast and smooth and might as well be the final. Mobile 10 final is slow, clunky, on my Omnia I910. Optical mouse is almost completely unresponsive, websites are slow to load, gmail didn't load at all.
  • I agree with Grego. O-mini 5 is faster & responsive than Opera-10. I still liked the dial pad zoom in- zoom out functionality from opera 9. Quick ? - Can't these browsers play Media (like skyfire?) Asks me to install Flash, but gives options for OS as I'm on a desktop. Any comments on it?
  • Opera Mobile 10 has Flash support. You have to enable it from the Settings menu, Advance, Enable Plugins.
  • I have the ATT TILT2 which is there version of the TOUCH PRO2. The latest versions of OPERA 10 asks upon install if you want it to be the default version (which I do). OPERA 10 is awesomely quick even without the TURBO (which I do not care for the high compression quality degradation effect it has on pages and pics). Its page rendering and text zooming is superb with high visual quality.
    I still keep the original HTC OEM 9.5 version of OPERA because of its page zooming flexibility with the working Zoom-Bar but its noticeably slower. Keeping the two should not have memory issues if you install Opera 10 to the storage card.
    However I highly recommend that you not only turn off the built in PUSH INTERNET feature of the OEM version which will save you the cache memory of those pages but I also used the CAB (search XDA) that totally disabled it in the registry and it now boots up with 20-30 more megs of program memory (90+ megs) which is very noticeable. The only other thing is that sometimes when you install (ANY) other browsers, it sometime can screw up the default browser for Manilla (tab) . If that ever happens there are either cabs that will set it back to Opera 9.5 or its really very easy to edit the registry to set it back. Search XDA for the fix.
  • My first impression: it's interesting. It seems faster than 9.5. I'm not liking that the address bar seems to only be accessible by going to the top of the page. Yahoo's mobile pages don't seem to be displaying correctly (it doesn't stretch to the screen width, especially noticable in landscape mode). I seem to also be having problems with the "long-click" menus when I use my fingers (the menus go away before I can even see the options sometimes). Text input is weird, too (I have a TP2, so, when I select a text box with the keyboard out, I don't need the virtual keyboard to pop-up). Touch zooming seems easier (if not too sensitive) with 10, so I don't think I'll care about the HTC zoom bar, especially since it seems to recognize link clicking better.
  • "And you thought this day would never come."
    Actually, that is exactly what I thought. I figured they had some business model that kept them from releasing finals directly to the public!
  • That is great news, i hope i will get rid of "Out of memory" errors which i faced using version 4.
  • i just downloade opera mobile 10 although i can play youtube video it does not play any other content such as videos uploaded on facebook is there any way to fix this!!!?
  • yes ive been having the same problem, i downloaded opera mobile 10 and every time i try to watch a movie on youtube or any other video requirring flash i get a blank screen with the words "plug in content" and i turned on the "plug in" options in the opera settings area... in desperate need of help....thankyou
  • I am having the same problem: using Opera mobile 10 on WM 6.1 and can't watch Youtube videos, getting the text "plug-in content" though I enabled plugins option. Any help please?
  • I have the same problem
    I have one htc HD and the internet videos doesnt works.even if turn on plugin setting...
    Someone knows what happening?
  • Latest Opera Mobile 10: Can't play flash videos, browsing is kinda slow. I love the speed dial feature. Lastest Opera Mini 5: Can't play flash videos, browsing and zooming is faster and smoother than Opera Mobile 10. I'm having login issues with this browser. It doesn't matter what site im on, it takes multiple login attemps for me to be logged into a site, and randomly get logged out. Very frustrating. When downloading, I only have the option to download to the device, and not to my SD card. I have an HP iPAQ hx2110 with Windows Mobile 6.5.
  • Opea 10 cannot play flash.
    wm 6.5 htc touch2
  • Opea 10 cannot play flash.
    wm 6.5 htc touch2
  • Opera 10 cannot play flash.
    wm 6.5 htc diamond2
    can anyone help on how to watch flash video using opera 10? any extra plugins to be downloaded?
  • I too unable to play flash. currently using htc hd2 (ROM v1.66) with opera mobile 10 final build.plugin has been set enable in opera. plz advice possible solution.
  • for all HD2 users. opera doesn't play flash. but what you can do is actually install another browser onto the phone. its called Skyfire. you can get it for free in the marketplace. its not as good as opera overall but atleast you can watch all the videos you want. it doesn't even take a long time to upload the video. i think its great, especially since its free..